The New Star Wars Will Be Shot on Film, Which Is Probably Great

Last night, Star Wars: Episode VII cinematographer Dan Mindel announced that the J.J. Abrams directed movie will be shot on 35mm film, as opposed to digital video. The decision symbolises the changing of the guard from the reign of George Lucas, and hopefully adds some much needed vigour to the beloved franchise. Read More >>

George Lucas: The Whole Band's Back Together For Episode VII

We've already had Harrison Ford inked for a Han-Solo return, then Carrie Fisher said she was in with her hair buns and all, before Disney forced her to deny she'd said anything. But now this chap called 'George Lucas' has let slip that everyone's in, including Mark Hamill. What does he even know, anyway? Read More >>

Empire Strikes Back Man and Sherlock Holmes Man Writing Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX?

More Star Wars scriptwriter news has emerged, with a couple of established industry names thrown into the stormtrooper helmet as possible writers of the eight and ninth instalments of the revived franchise. Read More >>

Russell Brand "Could be a Jedi" in Star Wars Sequels says... Russell Brand

Hairy loudmouth Russell Brand is petitioning the Star Wars developers for a bit-part in the future productions, telling the media world he'd do anything to land himself a part in the sequels. We can imagine him as a hairy Jar Jar Binks, ruining everything. Read More >>

Harrison Ford Has Good Feeling About Disney's Enormous Star Wars Sequel Pay Cheque

According to "sources" who claim to be speaking on behalf of Harrison Ford, the notoriously grumpy 70-year-old actor is open to the idea of reprising his Han Solo role in the future Disney Star War movies. And Luke and Leia are up for it, too. Read More >>

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Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Will Make Star Wars Freaking 7

Disney just entered into an agreement to purchase Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. The plan is to make Star Wars Episode 7, which is currently slated for release in 2015. And that’s just the beginning. Some fanboys might groan, but if you love Star Wars, this is exciting! Read More >>

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"They'll Never Get a Blu-ray Of the Star Wars That You Used to Know"

As far as Star Wars parodies go, this video has soared straight into my top five list. Hopefully you've heard the original song, Somebody That I Used to Know, by Gotye (how could you not have? It was all BBC 6 Music was playing, a few months back), but if not, I've got both versions down below for a much-needed lunchtime giggle. Read More >>

Star Wars Might Finally Be Safe From Lucas' Meddling

George Lucas is retiring. The man that brought you the original Star Wars trilogy, then massacred the memory of it with a new, mediocre trilogy. And then, as if that wasn't enough, continued to meddle with the originals, is finally getting out of the game. Read More >>

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The Most Embarrassing Star Wars Official Merchandise This Side of Hoth

The special edition versions of the Star Wars films and the recent prequels left many fanboys wondering if George Lucas maybe wasn't the visionary filmmaker they had all worshipped and adored. But one aspect of Lucas's vision that has never come into question is his ability to market the hell out of a franchise. Read More >>

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Darth Vader Recalled For Additional Blu-ray Voiceover Work

As well as making the ewoks blink and boosting Leia's cup size in the newly re-re-mastered Blu-ray editions of Star Wars, George Lucas also got the actors back in to do a few new lines. Here's Vader doing some improv. Read More >>


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