A Pen That Just Might Be Mightier Than an Actual Sword

The rat race is a war fought on domestic soil, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And those of you who bravely march into the office every morning need to ensure you're properly equipped for your nine-to-five battle. A shiny pair of wingtips and a healthily-packed lunchbox will only get you to the front lines. For guaranteed victory you need more in your arsenal, like a fancy haircut, and Gerber's new Impromptu Tactical Pen. Read More >>

This Teensy Keychain Knife Could Save Your Life One Day

There are plenty of knives out there you could feasibly carry around with you all the time—Gerber's got a whole suite of them. The latest to join the crew is an especially tiny lil' guy, but it could save your life. Read More >>

Strap a Tiny Toolbox To Your Zipper With Gerber's Daily Carry Accessories

Gerber's long been a name associated with those big multitools you carry in a nylon pouch on your belt. But as the company works to expand its brand, it's started to think on a smaller scale with its new Gerber Daily Carry—or GDC—tools. Read More >>

Finally, A Multitool Designed to Help You Blow Shit Up

Gerber's newest pocket toolbox has everything you'd expect from a pocket full of do-it-all—plus a little extra firepower, you know, just in case you need to blow a pass through a mountain or go to war with a gopher. Read More >>

Walking Dead Nerds Will Actually Want to Buy This Official Apocalypse Kit

The zombie apocalypse is coming, and you can't take your katana everywhere. Well, you can, but that's a pain. Much better is Gerber's new Apocalypse Kit, which has all the cutty slashy stuff you'll need to make it through the zombie plague. Read More >>

If There's Any Possible Way to Improve Upon the Machete, This Is It

I don't have any particular affinity towards blade wielding of any kind (I generally just gnaw on whole slabs of steak), but when I look at Gerber's Gator Machete Pro, I have a strong desire to slice something in half. Read More >>


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