Take a Tour Through the Mother of All Airports

In a city of controversial historic buildings, Berlin's massive Tempelhof Airport is one of the most embattled. This aging, elegant behemoth served as a hub for the Nazis and, later, for the Berlin Air Lift. Now, it's the focus of major development plans—and PBS just got a look inside. Read More >>

Berlin Can't Finish its Reunification Memorial on Time Because of Bats

It took Berliners years to agree upon a design for a memorial to the reunification of East and West—but now that the project is underway, an unexpected hurdle is slowing it down: bats. Lots of them. Read More >>

Germany is Relocating Entire Towns to Excavate More Sweet, Sweet Coal

Most of us think of Germany as one of the most energy-progressive countries in the world. But in recent years, it's also increased its dependence on a form of energy that's anything but clean: coal. The country is demolishing, or relocating, entire towns to get at it. Read More >>

This Abandoned Nazi Bunker Just Reopened as a Clean Energy Plant

The last time Hamburg's hulking air raid bunker saw use, it was 1945 and locals were taking cover from Allied bombs inside its six-foot-thick concrete walls. That was almost 70 years ago. This year, the bunker is serving a new purpose: supplying the city with renewable energy. Read More >>

Behold, One of the Biggest-Controlled Skyscraper Demolitions Ever

It took more than 900 kilos of explosives to bring down this 32-storey tower in Frankfurt yesterday—roughly the same amount as a Mark 84 bomb. Thank the lord we live in the age of YouTube, because the videos are astounding. Read More >>

5 of the Worst Traffic Jams in History

When not being used for poorly thought-out political revenge, traffic jams are making the lives of commuters suck on a daily basis. But sometimes, bad traffic can get spectacularly bad—even worse than fake traffic study bad. In honour of those times, we've collected some of the worst traffic jams in history. Read More >>

Germany Wants Its Own Internet Because of the NSA Debacle

As relations between the US and Europe become increasingly strained because, uh, the NSA spied on 35 world leaders, the state-backed Deutsche Telekom has declared that it wants to create a national internet to protect Germany from future privacy infringements. Read More >>

German Chancellor Merkel to Obama: Have You Hacked My Phone?

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, spoke to Barack Obama on Wednesday evening to demand explanations over reports suggesting that the NSA has been monitoring her mobile phone. Read More >>

This Tower Exists Solely for Dropping Things

The 475-foot "drop tower" in Bremen, Germany, is not a rocket disguised as a building, but a giant hollow tube used for experimentally dropping things—letting go of objects, watching them plummet toward the ground, and using those nearly 10 seconds of free-fall as a way to study the effects of weightlessness. Read More >>

3d printing
German Police Treat Themselves to a 3D Printer to Test Printed Gun Schematics

The ongoing saga of the 3D gun and if it's any good or not is set to continue, thanks to a plan for German police to knock out a few and test them to see how dangerous they are to the user and the person being shot at -- and how easy they are to smuggle once disassembled. Read More >>

Watch This German UAV Crash into a Plane on an Afghan Runway

This is why we can't have nice things. Recently declassified video footage from Northern Afghanistan shows that piloting a drone isn't nearly as easy as it seems, even when it's still on the ground. Read More >>

Bank Clerk Managed to Accidentally Transfer €222,222,222.22 In His Sleep

Allegedly, a bank clerk in Germany was so zonked he passed out at his desk with his finger on the 2 key, which caused him to accidentally transfer 222 million euros between some random accounts, when he was meant to be moving fifty quid. The kicker? His supervisor didn't see anything wrong with it. Read More >>

German Traffic Cops Trolled By Snow-Built VW Beetle

Everyone loves to hate traffic wardens. It's a tough job, and someone's got to do it, I guess, but there's a reason people don't like traffic wardens. This brilliant prank pretty much demonstrates why -- they will literally ticket anything, including snow. Read More >>

You're Stuck Using Your Real Name on Facebook For Now

Facebook's crusade against pseudonyms and nicknames has just won out. After a German court ruled Facebook couldn't force people to use their real, full names, a successful appeal from Facebook in another German court rules it can. The result? You're stuck using your real name on Facebook. Read More >>

German Police Are Hunting a Real-Life Cookie Monster Who Stole the Golden Biscuit

This seems like a massive marketing stunt to me, but apparently not. Police in Germany have launched a hunt for a real-life cookie monster, who stole a giant golden biscuit and is holding it for ransom. The prized possession was stolen straight from the Bahlsen biscuit company, best know for the yummy Leibniz butter biscuits. Read More >>

Twitter Nukes a Neo-Nazi Account, But Only In Germany

This is the first time Twitter's used its new-found geolocation blocking powers. Requested by the German police, the neo-Nazi feed is only blocked to those browsing from Germany. Is this the start of region-locking and censorship on Twitter? [BBC] Read More >>


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