Watch All the James Bonds In This Animated GIF

Sometimes GIFs are funny. Other times they are horrifying. And then, some feature Hitler. But, on occasion, you find the absolutely perfect GIF. This, my friends, is one of those GIFs. Read More >>

star wars
GIF of the Day: Princess Leia Hands Luke Skywalker a Cold Beer

You just destroyed the Death Star. You saved the galaxy and the Rebellion. Princess Leia loves you, and you don't know she's your sister yet. Galactic bliss. Now let's shotgun this beer and go home, kid. Read More >>

steve jobs
XKCD's Tribute to Steve Jobs is Simple, Clever, and Moving

Everyone has their own way of remembering Steve Jobs. XKCD's wordless tribute is kind of perfect. (click to animate) [XKCD] Read More >>


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