Resupplying The Concordia Base Through the Art of Polar Logistics

This is what trainspotting looks like in the largest, coldest desert in the world, where temperatures reach –80°C and the nearest human beings are over nearly 400 miles away. Read More >>

Become Internet Famous by Starring in Your Own GIF

OK, if you are one of those weirdos who thinks GIFs are irritating and pointless, this website that lets people insert their own faces into a variety of animated scenarios will not please you. Not one bit. Read More >>

Watch the Whole History of iOS Homescreens in One GIF

iOS 7 is here to change your phone, homescreen, apps and beyond. It's a big transition, but the iOS homescreen has come a long way in its six years. Here's exactly how far, in one glorious GIF. Read More >>

Watch iOS 6 Morph Into iOS 7 in One GIF

Things are going to change once iOS 7 hits your iPhone next week. Doesn't matter if you're buying the new iPhone 5C or 5S or not, all those icons you've gotten used to will morph into brighter, flatter and larger versions of what you know. Best part about this GIF though? Scott Forstall's creepy smile morphing into Jony Ive's stone cold staredown. YOU WILL LIKE IOS 7. [GadgetLove] Read More >>

There's a Cool New Type of GIF In Town

GIFs are seemingly the life-blood of the hipster internet at the moment, and we're unashamed to say that we love them. Now there's a new kind of motion GIF starting to emerge, the "deparallax" GIF. Check out these stunning, hyperreal images. You'll think they're CGI, but they're not. Read More >>

First-Person Pac-Man In Your Browser Is Simply Terrifying

I've never really thought of Pac-Man as a horror game. Innocently chomping away, dodging ghosts from a top-down view is pretty tame. But taken from a first-person view, where you simply don't know what's around the next corner, is a whole new horrifying ball game. Read More >>

Cat Fighter II Needs to Be Real

Forget Street Fighter, we need Cat Fighter II, where our furry feline friends battle it out, throwing whirly kicks, hadoukens, and beating up massive balls of yarn. Whichever next-gen console bags Cat Fighter II as an exclusive, wins. Period. [YouTube via Kotaku] Read More >>

A GIF Is Being Transmitted Into Space For The First Time

Humans haven't even been off-planet for a century and we're already leaving trash everywhere. The moon. Mars. Our atmosphere. It's gross. And honestly it was only a matter of time before a similar digital barrage began. Read More >>

The Creator of the GIF Says It's Pronounced JIF. He Is Wrong

Along with whether or not the Internet is 98 per cent porn, figuring out the correct pronunciation of GIF is one of the earliest questions of the Internet. I grew up believing it was hard-G GIF. Most people I know pronounce it like that too. Even the White House agreed on pronouncing GIF like 'gift'. But we have to re-evaluate the whole argument again because the inventor of GIF — PAPA GIF Steve Wilhite — says its pronounced JIF. What. The. Hell. Read More >>

Watch These Classic Movie Trailers Re-Purposed for Vine

Trailer-editing professionals TOKYO experimented with Vine recently by re-editing a handful of trailers into six-second, near seizure-inducing cinematic bursts inspired by The Wolverine Vine trailer. You've never seen Aliens like this. Read More >>

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Where's Wally GIF: The Best Thing to Happen to Both Wally and GIFs

While all those volumes of Where's Wally books sit in a dusty cardboard box in your attic, the spirit of Wally lives on in a remarkable bit of GIFage by Redditor Swiftapple. Wally is alive and well. And bobbing. Read More >>

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The Wicked and Beautiful Turbulence Problems of the Giant Airbus A380

This beautiful shot was made for the first episode of Richard Hammond's: Engineering Connections, which was dedicated to the Airbus A380. Apparently, wind tunnels can look like the lair of the wicked witch in an old Disney animation movie. Read More >>

These New Spinning GIFs Are as Cool as the Original Ones

Rrrrrrrrroll, the site dedicated to the art of spinning GIF or whatever that is, continues to be one of the best parts of the internet. The author has recently aded a bunch more, so make sure to check them out. Read More >>

GIF Is Officially the 2012 Word of the Year

I think I'm going to puke a Tumblr's worth of emotions because GIF has been named the Oxford American Dictionary's 2012 word of the year. ZOMG! Read More >>

The Apple vs Android Fanboy Wars In One GIF

Here's a brief note intended for the fanboys who ruin technology for everyone else: Look, your war doesn't make any sense, ok? This whole fanboys vs fandroids thing, the iPhone vs Galaxy, the iPad vs Kindle Fire... who the hell cares? They're just machines. Read More >>

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This Optical Trick Is Annoying the Hell Out of Me

So, here are some lines moving like crazy. Stop moving like crazy, you lines! Oh, here are some squares. "Hello lines, let's all play nice together!" they say. Now everything makes sense. How did this happen? Eye witchcraft! Thank you for the squares, stupid! Read More >>


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