80 Per Cent Off Vacuum Cleaners Is Your Neat-Freak-Loving Deal of the Day

As the greatest minds all say, cleanliness is next to godliness, and so we're turning our attentions towards the spicking and spanning of things that might otherwise be mucky. Read More >>

This Incredibly Generous Mobile Package from GiffGaff is Your "Contract-Free Middle Finger to the Networks" Deal of the Day

We've had scores of complaints about yesterday's offer, most of which we've ignored because we're just back from a 250 mile round trip to go through a car wash for 50p. Hopefully you'll like today's more. Read More >>

GiffGaff's Going to Start Selling Phones Now

Making a departure from its steadfastly SIM-only approach, it seems O2's cheaper, community-run arm is going to start flogging phones. How GiffGaff's going to actually do it, well, that's still up for debate. Read More >>

Vodafone's New Red Hot Plans Give a New Way to Stay Cutting-Edge

It's difficult to be a phone network nowadays. The old stalwart of pay-monthly contracts are becoming harder to sell, and more and more people are moving to the likes of GiffGaff. In a last-ditch attempt to stay current, Vodafone's trying a new type of price plan aimed at those who want to stay on the cut-throat razor side of bleeding edge -- that's you, right? Read More >>

GiffGaff Goes Semi-Contract With its "Recurring Goodybags"

Popular mobile network GiffGaff has taken a big step toward making things a little easier to manage for its customers, with the arrival of its automatically-renewing Goodybags that pretty much turn the company's SIMs into regular pay monthly contracts. But without the commitment. Read More >>

GiffGaff's Latest Balls-Up Exposes User PayPal Addresses

Uh oh, looks like the network run by the people has gaffed again. This time it seems GiffGaff's managed to publically send everyone's PayPal addresses to everyone else while attempting to pay community members back for all their shilling for the network. Read More >>

GiffGaff's Borked Network Outage Forces Unmetered Calling and a Charitable Donation

GiffGaff’s hoping to appease those right-royally pissed off by its network outage gaffe last week by bunging a community-chosen charity a £10,000 lump sum. That, and gifting users unmetered calling for a bit. Read More >>

GiffGaff Buggered For You? The Network's Borked (Updated)

Looks like we spoke too soon about the growing pains and issues being over. GiffGaff seems to be out across the country for a whole host of people and it’s due to a power outage. Read More >>

giz meets
Giz Meets the Guy Behind the People's Mobile Network, GiffGaff

You might not know this, but GiffGaff is an MVNO with a difference. It’s powered by O2’s network, and is actually owned by O2, but it’s run very differently. It’s a network for the people, run by the people, and operated up by a small, dedicated team of permanent employees headed up by the Gaffer himself, Mike Fairman. But where did GiffGaff start, and who is this Fairman chap? Read More >>

watch this
Orville Sells His Soul to GiffGaff in Chicken Rap Video

Oh dear Orville, has money really got that tight? You’re destroying some of my innocent childhood memories here; Keith looks like my granddad trying to be all “urban”. And what the hell have chickens got to do with a mobile phone network anyway? Read More >>

GiffGaff's Grown Too Big For Its Own Good, Leaving Users Out In the Cold In Biggest Gaff Yet

GiffGaff’s feeling the strain of its low cost user-powered business model. It left some customers without a connection for three weeks and managed to mix up users’ numbers for days, in its biggest gaff yet. Read More >>

GiffGaff Introduces "Data Bars" to Limit Internet Hogs

Popular SIM-only specialist GiffGaff has decided to get tough on the data hogs who abuse its unlimited data connections, introducing new checks and possible bars on those who suck down the most internet through their mobiles. Read More >>

GiffGaff Outage Blamed On Parent Company O2

GiffGaff, the MVNO owned by, and run on, O2, has been suffering from an outage for the last three days. Certain GiffGaff customers have been without voice and data services for no apparent reason, and O2 has yet to rectify the situation. Read More >>

Nintendo 3DS For the Kinky Trade-In Price of £69 Is Your Deal of the Day

Are you STILL wandering around clutching your old-fashioned Nintendo DS Lite to your bosom, looking like some kind of relic from the technological equivalent of the 1960s, or even the Boer War? Ugh. Read More >>

GiffGaff Unlocks Tethering Potential With Gigabags Mobile Data Plans

Budget people-powered mobile network GiffGaff is about to launch a new product it's calling Gigabags -- a data-only SIM package built specifically for mobile web users. Read More >>


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