Napalm Death Concert Cancelled Because It Could Literally Have Brought the House Down

When you hear about gigs bringing the house down, you kind of assume it's just figurative, not literal. But the curators of one of London's biggest museums, the V&A, had to cancel a planned heavy metal concert because the sheer decibels would have shaken the building to bits. Read More >>

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A Multi-Camera Gig Recording Where You Can Pan Each Camera Around 360-Degrees Is Awesome

Gig recordings are normally a damp squib compared to actually being there. Mativision's new recording technology, which lets you pick your camera position and seamlessly pan it around as if you were there, is about as close to standing in the crowd (or on stage) as you're going to get. Read More >>

Spotify Live Copies iTunes Festival With Free London Gigs

Spotify's bringing it's free iTunes Festival clone to London, after a summer outing in New York. It all kicks off this Friday 11th November with a gig in the Lexington in North London, featuring Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Marques Toliver. Read More >>


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