West Ham United and the London Symphony Orchestra Among the First .london Domain Owners

The capital's very own .london domain is almost ready to go live, and the first companies to be migrating to their new web homes have been revealed. Read More >>

Brimful of Asha Band Opens World's Smallest Disco (But it's Not the Only Small Abode Out There)

Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow, according to the guys from Cornershop. And everyone needs a place to party too -- even if that place is the "world's smallest disco". Read More >>

Even "Casual" Marijuana Use Can Knacker Bits of Your Brain

The latest bit of research into smoking things bought off men in car parks and betting shops is in, with medics suggesting that even a once or twice a week dope habit can cause "abnormalities" in memory abilities. Read More >>

Neil Young's Pono Music Player is the Third-Most Successful Kickstarter Ever

The Kickstarter funding push for Neil Young's audiophile-pleasing Pono Music Player has closed, raising a significant $6.2 million (£3,692,013) from 18,220 backers. While we're not wholly convinced by the device, it seems there are enough music lovers out there who are, pushing the device to become the third-most backed Kickstarter project ever. [Musically] Read More >>

Are You Self-Employed and Hating it Like 450,000 Others in the UK?

The supposedly relaxing life of the self-employed modern worker isn't working out well for some, with stats suggesting around 450,000 of the UK's newly self-employed population would rather have normal regular jobs. Jobs where someone else does the bloody taxes and fixes your computer. Read More >>

BBC 'Does a Netflix' With Early iPlayer Release of Entire Series of Chris Lilley's New Show

Netflix does it, Amazon Instant Video does it, and now the BBC will be doing it too thanks to its iPlayer service. The Beeb will be showing all six episodes of comedian Chris Liley's new show Jonah From Tonga on iPlayer for 48 hours from Friday May 2nd, ahead of the show's weekly traditional TV schedule. You can hardly really call it a "catch-up" platform anymore, right? Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #32 -- Seeing Red (Win a Nexus 7)

It’s no great secret that I’m a huge fan of black and white photography and almost all of my photographic output is in monochrome. On occasions, I like to challenge myself and inject a bit of colour into my photographs. Read More >>

Sky Lets Viewers Watch or Record TV via Tweet Links

A really quite impressive new use for Twitter has been dreamed up by Sky, which uses links embedded in tweets to let subscribers fire up Sky Go or tell their Sky+ boxes to record a particular show. If all your accounts are logged in and linked up, it ought to just work right now with any tweets tagged #WatchOnSky. [Sky] Read More >>

Enterprising Club Owners are Charging for a Glimpse of Banksy's New Smartphone Lovers Piece

Banksy artworks -- you wait an age for one then two come along at once. Hot on the heels of the urban artist's GCHQ phone-tapping piece comes this exploration of modern love, found on a plywood door outside the Broad Plains Boys Club in Bristol. Read More >>

Land Rover's New Discovery Concept Car Has Gesture-Controlled Doors

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Land Rover's Discovery line, and the Brit-based four-wheel-drive specialists are marking the occasion with a tech-fuelled concept redesign, being showcased at the New York International Motor Show. Read More >>

"Proprietary Algorithm" Replaces Humans in Limited Edition Guardian Print Run

A special edition of the Guardian in the US will give us a glimpse of a nightmarish future in which "likes" from idiots replace editorial decisions, with a run of 5,000 physical papers being filled entirely with stories a "proprietary algorithm" has decided were the most popular online. Read More >>

Intel is Haemorrhaging Money Over Mobile

The rise and rise of mobile computing is hitting Intel's bank balance hard. Fresh financial postings today reveal that the company's Mobile and Communications group, responsible for its Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular divisions, as well as its mobile processors, lost  a staggering $3.15 billion (£1,881,608,400) in 2013. Read More >>

Marks & Spencer's Fish and Chips Pie is Everything But Humble

The Random Food Generator really has pulled something out of the bag with this one. This has to be the pinnacle of off the-shelf supermarket pies, surely? Can any food ever be more British than a Marks & Spencer fish and chips pie? Read More >>

EE Channels Glastonbury's Hippy Spirit With Festival Power Bar Charger

The modern festival experience is an exercise in compromise. On the one hand, you've got a load of great bands spread across a dozen or more stages to enjoy. On the other, your social-media-Instagram-selfie-posting addiction means that, in order to digitally document the occasion with a limited smartphone battery life, you have to juggle charging station queues with down-the-front freak outs. This wasn't the future the original Glastonbury hippies fought for, or something. Read More >>

One Neil Diamond Album Download Hits Teacher With £2,600 Roaming Data Bill Shocker

A lady who fancied listening to a bit of Neil Diamond while on holiday in South Africa was royally ripped off in roaming fees from network Orange, which managed to charge her a staggering £8 per MB in mobile data costs. Total cost to download one album over the mobile network? £2,600. Read More >>

Your Tastebuds, Not the Food, are to Blame for the Bad Taste of Airplane Meals

Airplane food tastes disgusting. Or does it? New research into food served at 35,000 feet suggests that it is changes in the way that our tastebuds work while flying, not the food itself, that's to blame for crummy-tasting meals. Read More >>


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