Watch Dogs Preview: Grand Theft Data

I’m sick of AK-47s. I’m sick of dragon punches. I’m sick of red shells, chainsaw-equipped Lancer rifles and Master Swords. Gaming has relied upon the same tried and tested weaponry for too long now, which is what makes Ubisoft Montreal’s forthcoming Watch Dogs so intriguing. In it, your most powerful weapon is a smartphone. Read More >>

NekNomination Moron Eats a Live Goldfish, Gets Arrested

Consuming a goldfish (and a pint of Jager-infused beer as a chaser) is stupid; doing so, and then posting the results on the internet so that the RSPCA can hunt you down, however, is a whole new bottom-drawer of boozy intelligence. Read More >>

Oh God: This Torch Can Start Fires and Fry Eggs

Twelve-year-old pyromaniacs, your time has come: Wicked Lasers, manufacturers of those cool and probably-illegal high-power laser pointers, have made a 4100 lumen torch that's powerful enough to melt plastic, start fires and fry eggs. No one is safe. Read More >>

What Was in the Pulp Fiction Briefcase?

If, 20 years on, you're still pondering the contents of Marsellus Wallace's briefcase in Pulp Fiction, look no further -- both the literal and metaphorical (via Quentin Tarantino himself) contents are dished out in this video. Along with a bunch of other obscure facts from the film which you probably didn't need to know but now do. Enjoy. Read More >>

'Pioneering' Research Shows Binge Drinking = Violence

Cutting-edge research out of Cardiff University has today proved something that every kebab-shop proprieter has long known: that there's a correlation between binge drinking and violence. Read More >>

Which of These New Renewable Energy Projects Actually Look Decent?

The government has given the green light to £12bn worth of investment in eight new renewable energy projects, a mix of wind and biomass, that's expected to add around 4% of Britain's energy capacity when it's up and running. Question is, which (if any) do you reckon are actually worthwhile? Read More >>

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Man Who Released 1.5M Balloons Explains How He Did It

Our most popular story this week revolves around one day in Cleveland, way back 1986 -- the day Tom Holowach, the man behind Balloonfest '86, released 1.5 million balloons into the sky. Given you all had so many questions for him (such as how he could live with the environmental waste), he popped by to say the following: Read More >>

Flappy 2048 is the Demon Hell-Child of 2048 and Flappy Bird

Take the infuriating mind-puzzle of 2048, add the soul-crushing physics of Flappy Bird, and the end result? Flappy 2048, a great way to feel both dumb and malcoordinated in one short stretch of time. Read More >>

Could This £229 Quad-Core Beast Bring CyanogenMod to the Masses?

Being "the best custom version of Android" is kind of like being a Winter Olympics medal-winner: an amazing achievement, for sure, but it doesn't change the fact that no-one's actually heard of you. That could all be about to change, however, as CyanogenMod has teamed up to put their custom version of Google's OS on a super-cheap but awesomely specced-out new phone. Read More >>

New Samsung S5 Camera-Phone Hybrid Leaked in Ironically Blurry Photos

Is it a phone? Is it a camera? Whatever it is, it's shaped like a slightly thicker version of the Galaxy S5, and it's been caught on camera in the wild, a week before its expected debut at a Samsung event in Singapore. Read More >>

Now Even Sous-Vides Have Bloody Smartphone Apps

New kitchen tech buddy Mellow is a bit like a Nest for food, allowing owners to automate the sous-vide slow-cooking process remotely via an app. If you've bothered setting up everything before going out, that is. Read More >>

Nike Could Play a "Significant Part" in Apple's Future iWatch Plans

Days after it emerged that Nike is binning its Fuelband wearable range we've possibly found the reason why, with rumours suggesting the sportswear specialist may be helping Apple's hardware team launch its first wearable later this year. Read More >>

Sky's DVD-in-the-Post Buy & Keep Service is Now Live

Sky's weird Buy & Keep thing is now operational in the UK, letting people who demand instant digital satisfaction yet still want the reflected glory of a physical media collection enjoy the best of both worlds. You buy a film through your Sky box, you watch it right there and then, before a DVD copy turns up in the post a few days later, to use as a coaster or present. [Sky] Read More >>

A HP Slate 21 is Your "Tablet or PC? PC or Tablet?" Deal of the Day

Can't decide whether you want a desktop PC or a tablet? Why not get both? No, we don't mean: 'why not buy one of each, you thundering cheapskate?', but rather; why not get something that does both? That way, you can sit and type offensive comments on The Guardian with a keyboard at your desk, or if you prefer, leave weirdo comments on the Daily Mail site via a tablet while in the bath. We know your sort. Read More >>

Google Testing Note-Based Chrome Favourites Upgrade

Code-analysers have discovered a new thing within Chrome, with Google testing a refreshed bookmarking system called either Google Stars or Google Collections. The idea is to jazz up bookmarks by letting users save content, add notes and build up scrapbooks of saved stuff. Read More >>

DIY Drone Footage Captures Glorious Aerial Shots of East London

The less talked about eastern bits of London have been shown off to their best extent by an amateur film-maker, who took a drone to the sky to capture shots of housing estates, barbecuing hipsters, modern developments and more. Turns out there's more to London than those three pubs on Dean Street. Read More >>


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