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By Gary Cutlack on at

Skier's Airbag Backpack Saves Her Life

Professional skier Elyse Saugstad was caught in an avalanche while out and about in the Stevens Pass resort in the north-east mountains of the US. Three of her friends died, but Saugstad made it through thanks to her portable airbag.

Nokia Has a Pure View of Mobile World Congress

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nokia's released a teaser trailer which warns us to get ready for a "pure view" at next week's Mobile World Congress. To put the marketing speak in layman's terms, this probably means it's stuck a few more megapixels in the camera sensor of one of its forthcoming phone models. Sorry to ruin the magic. [YouTube via Slashgear]

Frederic - The Resurrection of Music for iPhone and iPad: World Tour with Chopin, the Poet of the Piano

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Romantic composer Frederic Chopin is the star of this remarkable app, a hybrid of rhythm action and motion-comic, where the 18th century "poet of the piano" literally confronts modern music in all its guises. Tinkle the ivories on some of Chopin's most famous compositions, whilst also duelling against the physical embodiments of hip-hop, electronica and reggae.

Hacked Store Guide Gives Shoppers a Porn Shock

By Sam Gibbs on at

I’ve always wondered what the underlying system is behind those massive fancy interactive store guides you get in shopping centres like Westfield. Seems some enterprising hackers had a look and found you could get one to view any website, including a porn site.

The Reason People Pirate Stuff

By Sam Gibbs on at

Why’s it so freaking difficult to legally get the content you want? The Oatmeal explains with this spot-on portrayal of an attempt to stay legal and buy access to a show, rather than just taking the easy route and pirating the damn thing. But you know what -- it’s just not possible and it's bloody infuriating. And they wonder why people still pirate stuff.

You Just Got Served By a Poke

By Sam Gibbs on at

In a landmark ruling by the English High Court, Facebook can now be used to serve notices and legal claims like injunctions, court orders and court summons within the UK. Now they'll be no where to hide.