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Giz UK Tests O2's 4G Speeds (On Camera)

By Kat Hannaford on at

As you know, Giz UK and its readers have been selected by O2 to help test their 4G network. For anyone doubting 4G's awesome speeds, take a pew and watch our video, which shows Sam and I (plus O2's Rob) pit a 4G dongle against a 3G dongle in various tests. We may not be as camera-ready as The Gadget Show's presenters, but please try and remember the 4G network is the true star of this show.

Buy Gadgets and Support Children In Need

By Kat Hannaford on at

If you were planning on buying a cut-price Samsung Galaxy Tab; HP TouchPad; Nokia Lumia 800 or HTC Flyer anytime soon, check out the BBC's tech reporter Rory Cellan-Jones's charity eBay auction. All the money's going to BBC Children In Need, and while some of the 19 gadgets have been used before, it's only because they've been used on air. Meaning, they're famous! Kind of. [eBay]