The Most Ethical Phone in the World is Back in Production

The most popular phones in the world — the Samsungs, Apples, HTCs and Sonys — aren’t always manufactured in the most ethical ways. Tantalum, for example, is an integral ingredient in the capacitors inside your smartphone; it’s a rare element that is only found in high densities in a few places on the earth’s crust. One of those places is Congo, where armed conflict and civil war means tantalum mining is a deadly, slave-driven process. Read More >>

The Best Movie Weapons That Became Real

A great man once said that the best kind of gun is the one you only have to fire once. That man was Tony Stark, and he is the world's greatest weapons manufacturer. The only problem is that he's also fictional. Despite the fact that the Iron Man himself doesn't exist, that doesn't mean that awesome weapons from TV and movies don't exist. These are the best weapons that were inspired by movies and TV. Read More >>

What Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Technology Looks Like In Real Life

Our use of unmanned drones is well documented, and we know about missiles that trigger before they hit the ground. But some of Black Ops 2′s more, shall we say, "imaginative" technologies are based in reality too -- they'll just need a little pushing along before they get to the hyper-weaponised state they are in Treyarch's imagining of 2025. Read More >>

Kogan Agora Smartphone Hands-On: Being Cheap Has Never Felt So Good

Kogan used the annual CES trade show to make a bit of noise last week, arriving in Sin City to drop his latest smartphone offering: the Kogan Agora. At £119, this thing is probably the best deal you're likely to get on any Android smartphone for some time. Read More >>

Apple's Revised Guidelines Could Allow the POP Universal Charger to Live Again

Fully-funded on Kickstarter almost three times over, the POP universal charging station was basically ready to go. That was until the creators failed to get Apple's approval, as it won't allow the Lightning adaptor, used in the iPhone 5, to live harmoniously with the older 30-pin connector. Now it seems Apple has changed its mind; the POP may not be dead after all. Read More >>

The Hobbit Review: An Unexpected Disappointment

Before the One Ring was rediscovered, before the Fellowship was formed and before the return of the King, an unexpected journey involving a company of dwarves, a wizard and a Hobbit took place in a faraway land. Welcome back to Middle Earth for the very first time. Get set for disappointment. Read More >>

Australian Police Warns the Public Not to Use iOS 6 Maps

It's been official for a while now: iOS 6 Maps suck. Everyone from Tim Cook to my mother knows it, but now it's getting scary. Victoria Police are advising people not to use iOS 6 Maps due to safety concerns. What are those safety concerns? Oh nothing, really, just people stranded deep inside a remote national park, that's all. Read More >>

Why MySpace Has a Good Shot at Killing Spotify

When Spotify launched four years ago in Sweden, it launched not as a direct competitor to massive musical monoliths like iTunes, but as a cheap, all-you-can-eat alternative to piracy. People who were previously cut off from music by the Man were re-introduced to their favourite songs on the cheap. Spotify found a way to compete with free by ingeniously appealing to music lover's morals. Now, someone else is using their killer feature, and giving it away for free. Meet the new MySpace. Read More >>

Lytro Founder On the Ultimate Question: When Will Smartphones Have Light-Field?

Rarely am I given the opportunity to interview a genius. Someone who has really shaken up the tech world. So, when the opportunity to interview the founder and inventor of Lytro Cameras, Dr Ren Ng, presented itself I leapt at the chance. One thing is for sure: the man -- like his iconic camera -- does not disappoint. His is a story that will change the way you take photos. Pull focus with us. Read More >>

How Science Fiction Is Influencing Smartphones Of the Future

It has been said that a circle has no end, but where did it begin? Take the circle of art and technology, for example: which one influences the other more, and which one came first? Is it just one big feedback loop where science fiction will always conceptualise technology, or do technologists and developers dramatise art in their own creations? Will a visual effects studio ever be contracted to create the next version of Android, iOS or Windows? So many beautiful interfaces are spied in films, but what are the chances of the next big thing being something from a movie? Read More >>

iPhone 5 Launch Scandal: Apple Accused Of Ignoring Queue To Find Its Own First Owners

Sydney’s flagship Apple Store threw its doors open at 8am local time this morning to the sound of thunderous applause. Those at the front of the queue who had been queueing for three days entered the store, weary, ready to collect their prize: the world’s first iPhone. But that’s not how it went down. Read More >>


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