Panasonic's Glasses Free 103-Inch 3D TV Is Disappointingly Rubbish

When it comes to glasses-free 3D TVs, we've had the bar set really quite high by the amazing Lumabox, and to be honest, Panasonic's latest offering is just pants compared to it. Read More >>

Haier Continues the IFA Magic, Shows Off Transparent and 3D Tech

Haier has quite the interesting take on technology, and surprised us at CES with their brain-controlled TV's and lots and lots of transparent things. This year the company is bringing their innovative tech to IFA yet again, toting transparent televisions and glasses-free 3D among this years offerings. Read More >>

The No-Name 3DTV That Blew My Eyes Right Out Of Their Sockets

Let me preface this by saying: I’m a jaded tech writer. Sadly there aren’t many things that genuinely impress me these days, and that definitely includes current 3D technology. I'm telling you all of this so you'll know how deadly serious I am when I say the following line: this no-name 3D technology has blown me away. It's the 3D that the big players should have given us years ago. No glasses; no flicker; no blurriness; no fixed focal planes forcing your eyes to focus here or there (that’s what causes headaches); just a convincing illusion of 3D without the hassle. Read More >>

Toshiba's Glasses-Less ZL2 3DTV On Sale Next Monday For £6,999

Toshiba's 55-inch glasses-free ZL2 3DTV is going to be popping up in John Lewis' Oxford Street store from next Monday, the company just confirmed. At several grand (just under £7,000) you're going to have to be pretty serious about your 3DTV -- glasses-less 3DTV at that -- to whack that kind of cash down, but there you go. Glasses-less 3DTV! Whoo? Read More >>

Eyes On Sony's Latest Glasses-Free 3D TV: They're Getting There!

Glasses free 3D TV sounds crazy because, well, that would look a whole lot like real life. This newest Sony incarnation feels closer than ever — almost like Sony might actually one day Lasek our experience of the 3D TV. Read More >>


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