Sony Says "Less Than One Per Cent" of PS4s are Faulty and it Might all be Amazon's Fault Anyway

Sony has updated the gamers of the world on the situation regarding the PS4 hardware issues that have been dogging the console's launch somewhat, claiming that less than one per cent of machines have suffered any problems -- and hinting that it might be shoddy packaging from retailers causing some of the damage: Read More >>

New Nexus 7 Owners Still Noticing Touch Problems After Apparent "Fix" Update

Complaints from early adopters of the new Nexus 7 claimed the device's touchscreen was rather out of whack, with owners baffled by phantom extra presses registering while typing and making the tablet a bit of a nightmare to use. Google Issued a fix but... it doesn't seem to have fixed anything. Read More >>

Don't Buy the New Nexus 7 Until it's Fixed, Says Consumer Site; We Fixed it, Says Google

The new Nexus 7 came in for a bit of stick from early buyers soon after it went on sale, with users moaning about the machine's shaky GPS connection and a rather over-sensitive touchscreen that registered rogue taps and made typing a chore. A new update from Google claims to have fixed it all. Read More >>

New Nexus 7 Hit by Touchscreen, GPS and Keyboard Complaints

Some early buyers of Google's new Nexus 7 tablet are finding plenty of holes to pick, with users reporting problems with the machine's GPS signals, phantom touches registering on the display and keyboard problems that, according to one user, impact on the tab "almost to the point where it is unusable." Read More >>

One in Four Surgical Errors Is a Machine's Fault

Technology might be transforming the world of healthcare, but it's also throwing up its fair share of problems, too: according to a new study, 1 in 4 surgical errors is a result of a technological glitch.
The new research, published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety, indicates that an average of 15 errors occur during a typical operation—and that technological failure accounts for 24 per cent of 'em. That's a substantial proportion, in an area that most people would expect to be fairly robust. Read More >>

Air Traffic Failure Currently Delaying Flights in and out of England

Jersey Airport managed to break news of a large problem with the UK's air traffic control systems today, with the airport notifying the country (via Facebook) that flights were suspended for around 25 minutes earlier this morning due to an air traffic control computer problem. Read More >>

Post Office Computer Bugs May Have Wrongly Sent Staff to Prison

The Post Office's computer systems have been found to be a little buggy, which won't be much compensation to the 100+ sub-postmasters who've been accused of defrauding the PO and prosecuted for lying in their books. Read More >>

Is Your Nexus 7 Suffering from Early-Onset Tech Failure?

The Nexus 7 became the first smash hit for Google's tablet ambitions, with the Asus-made device sold for a cheap price and offering what was an extremely high tech spec for the time. However, angst within the Android community claims it's now breaking en masse, with the blame pointed at failing cheap components. If you've got one, how's it doing? Read More >>

What's the Jankiest Gadget You Love Despite All Its Flaws?

No piece of tech runs perfectly, but some run less perfectly than others. It doesn't mean they're totally worthless; it just means they're harder to use. Sometimes the jank comes hand in hand with utter awesomeness. What's the glitchiest, jankiest, freeziest, aghhhhhhhhhh-iest device that you loved through and through, even when it was making you scream? Read More >>

Sony's Xperia Z Added to Long List of Phones With Easily Bypassed Lockscreens

Working out clever ways to bypass phone lockscreens is the new hot thing for nerds to do with their time these days, with the iPhone 5 and several Samsung models recently falling victim to clever little glitches that can access supposedly secure phones. Now Sony's new smartphone flagship has been cracked, too. Read More >>

A New Year and a New iOS Glitch, as Apple's Do Not Disturb Feature Sleeps Through 2013

Apple's automated Do Not Disturb feature has gone a little haywire with the big switchover to 2013, and is now refusing to wake up some iPhones and iPads from their scheduled offline time. Read More >>

Google Accidentally Remote-Nukes Chrome

Google's popular Chrome browser joined Gmail in mysteriously crashing for a spell on Monday, with the cause being some dodgy server configurations that forced the desktop browser to suddenly quit. Read More >>

Has Apple Lost It? iTunes Loop Blocks Apps and Music Downloads

Is it me or has Apple lost its mojo? I mean, one cock-up is fine, forgivable almost, but then there's two, three and so on. Bugs with the iPhone 5 launch blocked people's Wi-Fi, and now an infinite iTunes loop blocked people downloading games, apps and music over the weekend. Is Apple just having a run of bad luck, or has something actually failed here? Read More >>

windows phone
Microsoft Fixes WP App-Publishing Black Hole Glitch

The bizarre glitch that saw Microsoft break/suspend the publishing of new apps on its Marketplace has been fixed, with MS mending the digital certificate problem that was causing the WP app store to appear even more barren than usual. It'll take "a day or two" for the updated code to fully deploy and for new apps to appear again for those hit by the lockout. [Windows Team Blog] Read More >>

Virgin Media Downloads Broken? Users Complain About Corruptions After Superhub Upgrade

Virgin has recently released an update for the firmware that powers its Superhub modem, with several users reporting new problems with downloads as a result. Are these the usual teething problems, or some wider issue breaking the internet of the nation? Read More >>

Failed Automated Software Caused RBS/Natwest Banking System Crash

The complete crash of RBS and Natwest's payment system for four days last week was caused by a glitch in an automated batch processing tool, which is a rather mundane explanation for the banks' complete failure to register payments last week. Read More >>


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