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Location Technology: How It Works, Why It's Good, and Why It's Creepy

Having your phone know where you are and what you're doing is one of the creepiest but most useful aspects of modern smartphones. From Google Now to location-based notifications on iOS, you probably take advantage of it every single day. But how does it work, and what's going to happen in the future? Read More >>

Sony Xperia, Now With More GLONASS

Good news existing and future Xperia owners – if your phone is packing a Snapdragon S2 or S3 chip (including the Xperia S and Ion) you’re going to get a location boost from GLONASS. All you have to do is be running the latest software on your phone. Read More >>

GPS Just Can't Get a Fix? Qualcomm Gives You GLONASS

GPS is all fine and dandy when you're in an open field; but in a city, GPS starts to falter. The American system isn't the only service with navigation satellites up there in orbit, so why should you be limited to just one? Qualcomm's giving you the choice of two. Read More >>


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