Colour-Changing Gloves Alert Lab Workers To Invisible Toxins

The trickiest part of avoiding exposure to toxic substances is that they're often invisible, odorless, and undetectable to our five senses. And as an alternative to expensive detectors and other electronic sensors, researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT in Regensburg have created a simple pair of gloves that turn colour in the presence of toxic airborne materials.
The gloves are covered in a specially synthesised indicator dye that reacts to toxic substances by changing color. And the dye's chemical makeup can be tweaked to detect various toxins, like carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide. Read More >>

Turn Signal Gloves Vastly Increase Your Chances of Surviving an Urban Bike Ride

Your average motorist is more used to sharing the road with other vehicles than cyclists. So instead of just relying on your arms to safely signal an upcoming turn, consider these turn signal gloves, which let both cyclists and motorists alike know where you're headed. Read More >>

AnyGlove's "Secret Goo" Turns Normal Gloves into Capacitive, Touch-Friendly Techno Gloves

Given that the UK's chaotic new weather systems seem to involve us wearing gloves all the way up to September's surprise 110-degree heatwave, there might be quite a market for AnyGlove. It's a liquid you dribble on your wool-covered fingertips so soft fabric gloves work on a touchscreen. A much more elegant solution than poking your phone with a sausage. Read More >>

Secret Elixir Makes Any Glove Touchscreen-Friendly

By now it's almost impossible to find a winter glove that doesn't work with touchscreen devices. But if you've got a favourite pair that predates the iPhone, this AnyGlove potion will let you use them with a touchscreen display without having to resort to sewing conductive thread onto the fingertips. Read More >>

Bluetooth Gloves: Because Even Talking Into Your Hand Looks Less Stupid Than an Earpiece

It's an issue that's plagued cellphone users for years now. You like the convenience a Bluetooth headset promises, but don't want to look like a complete tool walking down the street. So as a happy medium, Hi-Fun has created this Bluetooth glove that lets you make and take calls like you're pantomiming the 'call me' gesture. Read More >>

It Was Only a Matter of Time: A Facebook "Like" Inspired Oven Mit

I guess you can't blame a company for cashing in on a catchy trend. Facebook's "Like" button is everywhere, and everyone is liking stuff—as much ironically as genuinely (which can get a little weird). Read More >>

I Want These Rave Gloves So I Can Blow My Kid's Mind

Okay, my rave days are long, long over. But I still want some of these EmazingLights gloves that the dude in this video has (who is apparently and unfortunately named Skidz) because I'm sure they would blow my one-year-old's mind. Read More >>

New Capacitive Touchscreens Recognise Your Gloved Fingers

It's old news by now, but capacitive touchscreens are a pain to use in the winter because they can't detect your fingertaps through a pair of gloves. But SMK has improved the design of their 6.5-inch panels so that devices like car navigation systems can still be operated if you're driving with gloves on. Read More >>


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