What Death Looks Like: A Fast-Spreading Wave

Dead is dead, some famous TV show about vacationing on an island once said. But how does dead, well, look? How do billions of cells shut off at once? An international team of researchers found that it comes in a wave. Death spreads through a special necrosis pathway that leaves dead cells as it passes through. A blue tornado of death. Read More >>

The Weird Glowing Bacteria That Beg to Be Eaten

Heaps of sea creatures glow to produce light—often in order to see in the murky depths. But scientists have discovered that many bacteria glow for a very strange reason; they want to get eaten. Read More >>

Make Your iPhone Logo Glow With This Hardware Mod

iPatch, a UK-based iPhone repair company, has developed a hardware mod that'll add a backlight to your iPhone's logo. Similar to Apple's line of computers, the logo will glow when the phone's display turns on. Read More >>


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