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Steve Jobs Might Have Hated Google, But Google Kind of Loved Jobs

Obviously the hatred, and determination to destroy one another's mobile OS, was only one sided between Apple and Google. Steve Jobs might have hated Android, and wanted to annihilate it, but it looks like big G kind of loved Steve Jobs. Just take a look at these hidden tributes to Jobs in Google's Gmail app. Read More >>

Gmail iOS App Finally Supports Notification Center and Persistent Login

Google just updated the Gmail iOS app, adding improvements that might encourage people to, you know, actually use it. The most important upgrade is support for Notification Center, which means you can now configure the app to show you alerts with message previews. Read More >>

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Two Weeks Later, Gmail Is Back in the App Store

Two weeks after it was posted and removed—on the same day—Gmail has returned to the App Store. Version 1.02 is now available for download. We can only hope that Google managed to fix all those "technical difficulties," which, uh, made the last version suck so much we thought it was a joke. [iTunes via @Parislemon] Read More >>


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