Google's Auto Backup Has an Even More Compelling Reason for You to Sign Up

If you've been waiting for a compelling reason to start backing up your mobile photos with Google's Auto Backup, it's finally here: Gmail now has an "insert photo" button, giving emails one step access to your photo gallery. Sharing photos privately just got a lot easier. [gmailblog] Read More >>

Google is Reading Your Emails for Your Browsing Benefit...and for Ads, of Course

Google's updated its terms of service in an effort to be a bit more transparent about its email-scanning practices.  And whether you're harbouring a deep dark secret in your Gmail sub-folders or otherwise, it inevitably comes down to one thing -- making you more valuable to advertisers. Read More >>

Nine People Who Thought Gmail Might Have Been an April Fools' Prank

Gmail's officially entering its tender tween years today, and after a decade with the internet's favourite email service, we can barely even remember our lives without it. But then, that's why we have the internet—to remember for us. Read More >>

Remembering What Email Was Like 10 Years Ago When Gmail Was Born

To celebrate ten years of Gmail, let's stroll down the cul-de-sac of nostalgia and recall what webmail was like before Google stepped on the scene. Read More >>

Background Refresh Comes to Gmail for iPhone

Gmail has just had its iOS app updated to finally include background app refresh, so you won't have to sit there waiting for your new messages to come in every time you open the app. It's not going to do anything to help your battery life, but hey—every second counts. Read More >>

Fix Every Gmail Annoyance with This Awesome Chrome Extension

Spend too much time rooting around in your Gmail inbox but then somehow manage to miss that one important email when it actually comes in? It's happened to all of us. But if you set up the awesome Chrome extension Checker Plus for Gmail it never has to happen again. Read More >>

Who Do You Actually Email Nowadays?

My email is full of spam and bills and newsletters I mean to read but never do. Rarely do I use my personal account to actually, you know, communicate with my actual friends and family. What about you? Read More >>

Strangers on Google+ Can Now Email You on Gmail Without Needing Your Address

...Unless you update your privacy settings. In Google's latest push to get everyone and their dog using Google+, the update will let strangers send you messages regardless of whether they are even in your Google+ "Circles" or "Extended Circles" unless a user digs into their privacy options. Read More >>

Gmail's New Buttons Let You Take Care of Business Without Opening Email

Anything Google does to prevent my needing to dive into my email to perform simple tasks gets a big old thumbs up, which is why I'm stoked (*STOKED*) that Gmail is getting a new set of "quick action" buttons that'll let you do more directly from your inbox subject lines, without actually opening up an email. Read More >>

How To Opt Out of Google's Shared Endorsements

Google recently announced an update to its Terms of Service, focused on displaying your profile name and photo next to advertisements and reviews. The new feature, which goes into effect on November 11, is called Shared Endorsements and will allow you to share your recommendations (whether a +1 on Google Play or a restaurant rating on Google Maps) with your connections. Read More >>

Yahoo Mail Is Switching to HTTPS--Four Years After GMail

From January 8th, Yahoo will be enabling encryption by default for all of its webmail users. That's great news—it just happens to be four years later than the likes of GMail. Read More >>

The New Yahoo Mail Could Not Look More Like Gmail

Marissa Meyer's parade of progress is continuing at Yahoo with a very sparkly redesign of Yahoo Mail. It's got all things that are good, including more storage and cleaner navigation and threaded conversations. Frankly, this redesign does pretty much anything to make Yahoo Mail look more like Gmail. Read More >>

The Party's Over -- Adverts Coming Soon to Android's Gmail App

Google would appear to be preparing to pull the switch and earn itself an even bigger chunk of money from Android, with code inside its updated Gmail app referencing layouts and systems for incorporating advertising within the mobile messaging tool. Read More >>

Google Apologises for 2.6 Second Gmail Delays

Google's issued an apology and humble explanation for the tech issues that dogged Gmail for some yesterday, which varied in impact from triggering the odd error message to causing a small percentage of emails to take as long as two hours to get through. Read More >>

Google: Gmail Users Have No Reason to Expect Privacy

Here's some more bad news to add to the pile of concern over email vulnerability, a brief filed by Google's attorneys has just surfaced and revealed that Gmail users should have "no legitimate expectation of privacy" — ever. Read More >>


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