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Ex-Valve Engineers' Crazy AR Glasses Put Tiny Projectors On Your Face

Ex-Valve employees Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson had been hard at work on the project for over a year before Valve sliced off their bit of the company. Fortunately, Valve also let the project go with them, and the pair formed Technical Illusions to finish the sucker off. Now they're showing it off at Maker Faire where The Verge caught up with them.

Wait, Why Do I Want Goggles That Show Me the World Upside-Down?

Maybe I'm missing the boat here, or am too old to comprehend another bizarre fad, but I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out why someone would want to wear goggles that make the world look reversed. Read More >>

Google's Mystery HUD Glasses Could Be on Sale By the Holidays

Google Goggles could soon become a set of physical goggles if murmurings from within the company are true. Could this be the death knell for smart phones? Read More >>

Bone Conducting Ski Goggles: Say It With Your Skull

Microphones can't discriminate what they hear, which can lead to noisy conversations if you're careening down a snowy hill. But by picking up the vibrations in your skull while you talk, Buhel's new SpeakGoggle G33s promise to clearly decipher every word. Read More >>

Google Goggles Now Searches Without Having to Take a Picture

Your time is precious. Why should you waste it taking photos with Google Goggles to enable a search? Starting today, you don't have to. Read More >>


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