A Golf Cart Skateboard Sounds Like the Best Way To Play 18 Holes

Controlled with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote, the Golf Skate Caddy doesn't actually require you to know how to skateboard. There is some slight leaning required to navigate it around a course, but amateurs should be able to master it in no time. And if standing proves too tricky, the Golf Skate Caddy has a place to sit and (safely) enjoy the ride. Read More >>

Turn Your GALAXY S4 into the Ultimate Golfing Tool

There are multitudes of S4-friendly apps around that are ready and waiting to turn you into a golfing master. Read More >>

This Set of Golf Clubs is Your "I Should Really Get Out of The House This Weekend" Deal of the Day

Right, it's a bank holiday weekend and, while it's cold enough out there to freeze the birds on to the branches, we're ignoring all that and thinking about getting outdoors and doing some sport. Read More >>

If Batman Played Golf, This Is Probably What He'd Drive

As badass as the various Batmobiles have been over the years, no self-respecting golf club would ever let one of them onto their courses. So if the Dark Knight were to ever slip away in the middle of the night to relax with a round of golf, the Mansory Currus is definitely what he'd be driving. Read More >>

Want To Snooze? This Annoying Alarm Clock Makes You Sink a Putt First

It's been a while since we've stumbled across an alarm clock that uses some annoying gimmick to ensure you get out of bed in the morning. But this £15 mini golf game trapped inside a plastic dome might actually be a less rage-inducing way to start your day. Read More >>

Blood, Sweat and Engineers: Technological Innovation and Performance in Sport

Why are humans all over the world so fascinated by sport? It must have something to do with the desire to win. And yet winning isn't just down to how much you want it. Winning, especially at the highest levels, usually involves getting an edge on your opponent through innovation. Or as the Audi slogan goes: "vorsprung durch technik," or advantage through technology. Read More >>

Nike Wants Displays in Your Golf Club That Tell You Exactly How Badly You Shanked It

Nike has always been like Chubbs was to Happy Gilmore, helping you improve your golf game. But now it wants to do it digitally — it just earned a patent to put data-collecting sensors in clubs that would track your swing. Read More >>

A Void Has Been Filled in the Hooch-Swilling Golfer Market

SiliPint is a company unabashedly obsessed with silicone. They love it and want you to love it, too. That is why they created the SiliShot, a patent-pending multitasking silicone shot glass/golf tee/bottle stopper that's dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible. Read More >>

Two Golf Putters in One Club Means You'll Be Half As Bad at Golf

Golf is the game of kings. Or is that polo? Whatever, no matter. Golf is also a game about a bag of tools. Wood or iron? What's your favourite number? The more tools in your bag, the better. So this two-in-one golf putter seems pretty smart! Read More >>

ipad apps of the week
Mad Magazine, The Masters, and More

This week's best iPad apps bring beautiful things to you. Though you might not be able to travel to great distances or through time, you can still check out the catalog from the London Design Museum, see how the Titanic was built, and stay up-to-date with the Masters, all from your tablet. Read More >>

Robot Golf Caddy Follows You Like an R2-D2 Puppy

Golfing is the opposite of hard work, but that hasn't stopped golfers from getting this absurdly cool automated CaddyTrek golf caddy, which sorta looks like a lawnmower crossed with a go-cart. Read More >>

Garmin Approach: Won't Make You a Better Golfer But Might Make You a Better Caddy

Garmin's new GPS golf computer is chock full of course maps and tracks just about everything game related, from scores to club efficiency. Basically, you can go ahead and fire your caddy now. Read More >>


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