Google's Chrome Apps Coming to iOS and Android

The rumours are true: Google's bringing Chrome apps to iOS and Android. Well, it's providing the tools developers need in order to do so. The toolkit is only in a beta form at the moment, but it holds the promise turning Chrome apps into cross-platform suckers for your phone. If it turns out to be as easy at it sounds, Chrome apps just got a lot more interesting. [Chomium Blog] Read More >>

Google Chrome Has a Bug That Could Let Anyone Eavesdrop on You

Voice control is an awesomely futuristic way to control your technology like a spaceman, but only if you can trust it. So you might want to stay tight-lipped around Chrome; Google's browser has a dangerous security flaw that can let malicious sites eavesdrop on your every word. Read More >>

Google's Chrome Apps Have Finally Escaped Their Browser Prison

Up until now, Chrome's Web Apps have been trapped in your browser, living with the rest of your internet like glorified tabs. Well, Google's putting an end to that today. A new breed of Chrome Apps is here, and they live on your desktop. Read More >>

Genius New YouTube Feature Could Fix Your Browser's Most Annoying Habit

YouTube just added a simply little feature you'll wonder how you ever lived without. YouTube tabs that are playing video now show a little play icon so you can tell which one of your bajillion tabs is making noise in the background. I'm so happy I could cry. Read More >>

Chrome For iPhone Just Got Faster and Smarter

Chrome for Android's been getting huge boosts left, right and centre, and while Apple's draconian App Store restrictions mean Chrome on iOS is never going to be quite as good, it just got a kick in the pants in the speed department and a boost to its voice search intelligence. Read More >>

The Future of Chrome on Your Phone Is the Desktop

Chrome 28 beta for Android has just hit Google Play bringing with it built-in Google Translate among other things. But what it really shows is where Google's awesome mobile browser is going. Chrome on your phone and Chrome on the desktop are headed for a collision, and it'll be awesome for all your phones and tablets. Read More >>

Bored This Thursday Afternoon? Try Google's Awesome Little Slot Racer

It's time for yet another one of Google's aweome Chrome experiments. This one's a Scaletrix-like slot racer. All you need is Chrome on a phone or tablet and you're good to go. Race on a massive track with up to five friends across five different-sized devices. It's a blast. Read More >>

Google Might Be Ditching Webkit, But There's One Version of Chrome That Just Can't Escape It

News came this morning that Google's going to fork Webkit, producing a new rendering engine called Blink. According to the developers, that's going to be a great thing for speed, and hopefully for memory usage on the desktop. On the mobile though, at least on the iPhone, Chrome's not going to escape the clutches of Webkit, probably ever. Read More >>

Google Chrome Is Blocking a Bunch of Major Sites for Malware, Even YouTube

If you were just cruising around the web today and got hit smack in the face with a Google Chrome malware error, you weren't the only one. A whole number of sites from such as imgur, DeviantArt, The San Francisco Chronicle, and YouTube were blocked for many users citing malware from Read More >>

Say Hi to The New Google Chrome Beta, It's Listening

Voice control has been the trend in phones for a while now, but it's not content to just stay there. The newest Chrome Beta 25 is introducing a Web Speech API, which means a talk-y future is on the horizon, hopefully. Read More >>

Google Accidentally Remote-Nukes Chrome

Google's popular Chrome browser joined Gmail in mysteriously crashing for a spell on Monday, with the cause being some dodgy server configurations that forced the desktop browser to suddenly quit. Read More >>

How to Get the Most Out of Google Chrome

Let's face it, the light-and-fast Google Chrome browser is the only way to surf the web-no question. But whether you're new to the browser or an old veteran, we've got some tricks to improve your mileage. Our Google Chrome Optimization Guide will show you which Google Chrome extensions to download and ways to tweak settings you didn't even know were there. Read More >>

New Versions of Google Chrome Will Finally Let You Say You Don't Want Advertisers Spying On You

If you're paranoid about ad networks tracking your behaviour and compiling a file on your tastes somewhere, there's good news. Google Chrome's developer build finally got built-in Do Not Track functionality, meaning Chrome will finally join the club with Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Read More >>

Google Chucks Out More Cheques to Chrome Bug Hunters

Google has now decided to ramp up the bounty for bug hunters snooping around for flaws in Chrome, saying that the increase in cash rewards has been prompted by a decline in vulnerabilities submitted by outsiders. Read More >>

Google Chrome's Best Feature Is Not Working Properly

At least it isn't just me! TheNextWeb is reporting a problem with Google Chrome's beloved URL bar search feature. The beauty of Chrome is that you don't need to open a tab and go to Google in order to search something. It's already Google! It understands. Usually. Read More >>

Hands On With Chrome for iOS

At day two of I/O, Google repeated pretty much the same keynote, but it also finally announced Chrome for iOS. After a tortuous wait, it's landed in the App Store this afternoon, and I spent some time using it. And it's not quite what you were hoping for, I'm afraid... Read More >>


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