Google's Piñata-Bashing Birthday Doodle: A Perfect Friday Time-Waster

Today marks the confluence of Google's 15th birthday (sort of). What's that mean for you? Every excuse to waste the day playing with the search giant's celebratory interactive piñata doodle. Have at it! Read More >>

Today's Google Doodle You Weren't Meant to See

Google, topical as always, prepared one of its famed doodles in celebration of today's passing asteroid and the fact that we're all not post-apocalyptic shadows of our former selves. The Google Doodle team, however, couldn't have anticipated just how unfortunately relevant they actually would be following the unexpected and destructive meteor explosion over Russia. Read More >>

The Star Trek Google Doodle Might Be the Best One Yet

Google Doodles: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Googleship Enterprise. To boldly click where no man has clicked before. Read More >>

QOTD: Should Google Quit Jumping the Shark With Its Easter Eggs and Google Doodles?

Before you rush off to Google's homepage to check for yourself whether it's actually celebrating Tess Daly's birthday -- of course it's not. (That fine image was mocked up by @TheManWhoFell, one of Twitter's funniest users.) But the point is, it could be real. How many times in the past two years have you thought "why is Google celebrating the 157th anniversary of some niche invention?" or "I wish Google would stop fooling around with easter eggs such as "askew" and "zerg rush" on its search page, and update my HTC Magic to Android 4.0.3* already"? Read More >>

Microchip Inventor and Intel Co-Founder Robert Noyce Stars in Today's Google Doodle

The ever-popular Google Doodle is today celebrating the life of Robert Noyce, the co-founder of Intel and a man with a good claim on having played a big part in inventing the microchip. Read More >>


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