MediaFire is Slashing its Prices

MediaFire is going after Google Drive by offering some dirt cheap pricing for its recently overhauled cloud storage. If you sign up now, you can get 1TB for $2.50 (£1.40) per month—or $25 (£14.90) per year. Under the new plans, the regular £3 1TB price point is still half what Google Drive costs. Definitely hard to argue with that price tag. Read More >>

Up Your Cloud Data Storage on the Cheap With this "Drive all Night" Deal of the Day

Storage is boring, but it really is very useful. Technologically speaking, storing stuff in a cloud is so practical because it stops you hoarding everything on your computer, making it slower than an ageing bulldog. There's something of a storage war kicking off and Google Drive just entered the fray by slashing their prices! Read More >>

Google Adds on Third-Party Plugins for Docs and Sheets

Google's just added third-party plugins to Google Docs and Sheets. Called Add-Ons, they enable tasks like printing address labels or getting approvals on documents—similar to the apps Microsoft Office users are familiar with. Read More >>

Google Docs Auto-Search Just Made Linking Easier Than Ever

Google Docs (and Slides) just got an awesome, but subtle new trick. Now, every time you go to hyperlink a word, Google search results will automatically appear below your link box. Never open another tab to search for a Wikipedia page again. Read More >>

Do You Actually Need Word Anymore?

Google Drive now automatically syncs your files for offline editing, breaking the final stronghold of the traditional Office app. So, the time has come to ask the question: Do we really need anything but Google Docs anymore? Read More >>

The Best Way To Store Your Stuff in the Cloud

When it comes to cloud storage, there are a whole bunch of fluffy options up there in the proverbial sky. Maybe you need unlimited storage, or maybe you need it for free. Here's a list of the ones that are the best at what they do. Read More >>

6 Obvious Evernote Features Google Keep Can't Replace

Since Google launched Keep yesterday, the question on everyone's mind seems to be how does it measure up to Evernote. Well don't think the newcomer is going to suddenly oust Evernote as the best service for interweb jotting. It's just way too barebones. Read More >>

What Do You Mean Your Email Won't Let You Send a 10GB Attachment?

Massive email attachments are the scourge of Exchange users everywhere, but not so for Gmail users. You can now send attachments directly from your Google Drive, meaning files up to an inbox-exploding 10GB in size are now go. That's a heck of a lot of, err, porn work in your mail. [Google via LifeHacker] Read More >>

Hey, You! Back Up Your Cloud

Keeping all your data in the Cloud is convenient and seemingly hassle-free -- you just sign up and off you go, accessing your pics, emails and documents on whatever PC, Mac or mobile device you have to hand. This ease comes with a downside though. By placing all your digital eggs in an online basket you are trusting a third party to look after everything for you. Sure, Google might not be all that evil , but what about this time next year? Are you sure you can trust that Flickr won't get hacked and spill your private pics all over the web, or just decide to block you from getting at them when the money runs out? Unlikely, but still possible. Read More >>

How to Switch Over to Google Drive Without Ruining Your Life

Like they've done in the past with new services, Google is slowly rolling out its new Google Drive cloud storage solution to users of Gmail and Google Documents. So if you're dismayed that the Google overlords haven't blessed your account with 5GB of free storage just yet—don't be. Now is the best time to prepare for the new service. Read More >>

Google Drive a Privacy Nightmare of Facebook Proportions?

The special group of people who actually read and digest terms and conditions have been getting upset about Google Drive, claiming Google's use of blanket permissions mean it can do pretty much whatever it likes with your stuff once you've thrown it up into the Google cloud. Read More >>

Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and More Compared: What's the Best Cloud Option?

Now that Google Drive is finally here and you can use it, the first question is simple: Is it better than the cloud service you're already using (or maybe considering using)? We haven't had the chance to put Google Drive through the ringer quite yet, but we can compare it to the competition on paper. Read More >>

What Is Google Drive?

Google has finally taken the lid off of the long-rumoured Google Drive, giving you another option for stashing your stuff in the cloud. But what is it, exactly?
The Dropbox-dominated cloud storage space has become increasingly crowded. Microsoft's SkyDrive, Apple's iCloud, Evernote, and Box are all contending for your content. But Google Drive might just stand out from the pack. Read More >>

Google Drive Gets Leaked By the French Ahead Of Its Official Release

After rumours, speculation, the often disappearing, forever “soon to be released” Google Drive has finally had all its sordid details spilled, by the French of all people. It’s Google’s evolution of Google Docs, but then you already knew that right? Read More >>

Google Drive Expected to Launch Today, as Series of Tiny Leaks Reaches Critical Level

The non-stop rumours regarding Google's plan for a Dropbox rival ought to come to an end today, with tech observers believing Google's finally done preparing its Google Drive person cloud storage tool. Read More >>

Google Drive Details Leak: 5GB for Free, Launching Next Week

Confirming previous rumours about Google Drive, Google's Dropbox competitor, The Next Web is reporting that Google will give away 5GB of free storage to Google Drive users and will probably launch the service next week on Tuesday or Wednesday. [The Next Web] Read More >>


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