Kickstarter Is the Digital Equivalent of Begging On the Street

Kickstarter is a great idea to crowd source small, actually useful projects, but it’s become a bit like a digital begging ground of late. Instead of signs on the street saying “will work for food”, these days its as if you’ve got the online homeless holding signs with “will kickstart for six figures” printed on them. Pay people oodles of money for some crummy idea that’ll never work anyway – that’s progress. Read More >>

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Google Glasses First Look: Would You Wear These Augmented Reality Specs?

We first heard rumours about Google's augmented reality glasses a few months ago, and now in a post on Google Plus, the company has revealed some of its ideas for the project including some prototype designs. These look like the freaky science fiction concept they are. Would you wear them, though? Read More >>


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