Google Image Search Has Never Looked So Good

Stop what you're doing right now and start scrolling through this Tumblr of colourful images of planes and bridges and mats and packaging and other everyday items morphing into each other. It's called I'm Google, an ongoing art project that finds beautiful patterns in otherwise benign and boring images Google Image search results. Read More >>

Google Images Just Got a Whole Lot More Slick

Google has just announced that it's given Images an overhaul. Placing an emphasis on speed, metadata and slick looks, image previews will now appear in an inline panel to make it easier to browse large previews. Read More >>

Somehow Googling "Dying Grandparents" Simply Shows You Images of Christina Aguilera

There inevitably comes a time in life when you need to find a picture of dying grandparents. But if you hasten over to old Google, you're in for a disturbing surprise -- Christina Aguilera pictures have taken over the "dying grandparents" image search, how very-well dare she. Read More >>

Search Google Images With Just Your Badly Drawn Stick Figures

Google image search is normally pretty good using just keywords, and it’s even better when you search using an existing image. But what if you could quickly draw out what you’re looking for and search for things that match it? There’s, err, an app for that. Read More >>


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