GTA 5 Map Compared to the Google Maps of Major Cities

After the enormous map for Grand Theft Auto V leaked online, the Internet has had a ball geeking out on the render of Los Santos and Blaine Counties. The geography is based on the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, but to give you an idea for how big the city really is in real life, Reddit user fakeitlikeyoumakeit took the Google Maps of other major cities and scaled them to GTA 5 proportions. Read More >>

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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Maps Master

Remember, the new Google Maps still hasn't rolled out broadly; if you'd like an advanced look, just head here. You'll be glad you did. Read More >>

This Unbelievable Google Street View Captured a Space Shuttle Flyover

When Google's army of Street View vehicles takes to the streets, there's no telling what those wandering eyes will see. Still's it's hard to believe that a Google Street View camera captured a space shuttle flying over the New Jersey Turnpike towards New York City. Read More >>

A Gang of Thai Villagers Tried to Arrest a Google Street View Driver

Google Street View drivers haven't exactly had the best rep recently, what with that whole collecting-private-Wi-Fi-data debacle and their general propensity for photographing naked women, defecators, murders, and mid-coital couples, just to name a few. And now, one almost got arrested by a group Thai villagers. Read More >>

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This is Why Google's Awesome: Google Maps Has the Best Dr Who Easter Egg Ever

Did you know the TARDIS was located on Earl's Court Road in London? No, neither did I. But Google spotted it, and seemingly drove its Street View car right on in there. Check out this wicked Easter egg and take a trip inside Dr Who's amazing time machine. Read More >>

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Google Maps Mobile Apps Will Now Be Polluted With Ads (Sad Face)

Google Maps app on your smartphone is one of those wonderful things that makes owning the gadget an absolute joy. Instant, essential knowledge. Today, Google announced that it would be robbing its iOS and Android apps of their purity by allowing advertisers to advertise against your searches. Read More >>

What Do You Think of New Google Maps on Android?

The new Google Maps app on Android is faster, slicker, and in many ways more intuitive. I personally think it's great, with all the features I need to get me about town and even driving somewhere new, but it seems some of you just don't agree. So, let's have it: What do you hate about the new Google Maps? What could be improved? Read More >>

New Google Earth Hack Lets You Nuke Any City in Devastating 3D

A perverse fascination with nuclear fallout and blast radii isn't that weird. Don't you want to know how hard you and everything you know is going to obliterated from the face of the Earth in the unlikely case that some maniac drops twenty kilotonnes of atomic death on your front door? Now you can see a simulation of the mushroom cloud that will claim your life — in three dimensions. Read More >>

How to Save Offline Maps in the New Google Maps for iOS

Saving offline maps in Google Maps 2.0 is a sneaky 'easter egg' type feature that'll make Google Maps on iOS even better. You won't need to rely on a data connection, you'll get your maps faster and it'll make things work better. So how do you save offline maps on the iOS version of Google Maps? Read More >>

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Scottish Island Wiped Off Google Maps

The 200 or so permanent inhabitants of the Scottish island of Jura are currently feeling rather lost and confused, after discovering a recent update to Google's mapping images removed all trace of the island from view. Read More >>

Everyone Can Get the New Google Maps Right Now

First shown off at I/O, Google has just rolled out its updated Maps for the web to basically everyone. All you need to do now is sign up here and you'll instantly have access to everything that's new and grand. Read More >>

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Google Maps Now Works With the iPad and Has Better iPhone Navigation

All you iPad users can now banish Apple Maps into that folder you never open because Google Maps 2.0 has been released and adds support for the iPad and iPad Mini. That means big maps, finally. Oh, and a load of new features for the iPhone too. Read More >>

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Google Responds to Angry Android Maps Users and Adds Offline Button

Google thought it was being rather smart in binning its offline map caching support and hiding it behind an odd type command no one's going to know about in its new Maps app update. Thankfully, it's heard the uproar and added visible offline map caching back to Android's Maps tool. Read More >>

How to Get the Cool New Google Maps 7 On Your Android Right Now

There's a great-looking new update for Google Maps rolling out right now for Android 4.0.3 and up. It takes everything that was new and improved on the desktop and throws it on the phone. Finally, Android Google Maps has caught up with iPhone Google maps, and there's no reason to wait: Here's how to skip the queue and grab it right now. Read More >>

The Omnipotent Engineers at Google Have Banished Clouds From Earth

Google Earth may give us a real, live view of what our blue marble actually looks like, but even reality could stand to be improved a bit now and then. So to make sure you get the beautiful summer you deserve—while you're sitting inside a dark room hunched over your computer screen — Google has taken steps to give you a new view of the world — totally cloud-free. Read More >>

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The Destruction of the Oklahoma Tornado As Seen by Google Maps

This is beyond sad. If you've been keeping up with the tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma, you probably saw the destruction it left behind. It looked like a movie set war zone or the aftermath of the apocalypse. But it was real. Google released satellite imagery showing what the destruction looked like from above. It's not pretty.
Google's Crisis Centre reveals the tornado's path, showing the damage outline and specific damage points. Some areas are so severely damaged it's almost unbelievable. In addition, Google revealed satellite imagery from April 29th, 2013 (before the tornado) and May 22nd, 2013 (after the tornado) to show us the before and after. Read More >>


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