Watch Every Single Nexus Phone Speed Tested at the Same Time

The Nexus 5 is here, and it's the best Android can offer. But the Nexus line has come a long long way from its beginnings back in 2010, both in design and performance. How far? See for yourself. Read More >>

Do Google and LG Have a Nexus 4 Sequel On the Way Already?

Here's a curious one. If rumours are to be believed, LG's actually stopped producing Nexus 4s, and has turned manufacturing efforts to its incoming next-generation phones instead. Does Google have another Nexus right around the corner? Or has LG simply had enough of flogging hardware for next to nothing? Read More >>

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If you bought a 16GB Nexus from Google Play...

If you bought a 16GB Nexus from Google Play 15 days (or less) before the price drop, you can get £25 credit from Google. [GigaOM] Read More >>

The "LG Nexus4" Pops Up at Carphone Warehouse With a Rumoured October 29th Launch

After some lucky chap divulged that he actually has the fabled LG Optimus Nexus sitting on his desk, the Google phone has popped up in Carphone Warehouse's inventory system simply called the LG Nexus 4. No prices, unfortunately, but at least we know it's coming to the UK, and rumours point to an October 29th release so not long to wait. [LeFigaro, The Verge] Read More >>

Is Google Going After the Kindle Fire With a Cut-Down Android Tablet?

Larry Page dropped a massive hint in his Google quarterly earnings call yesterday, that big G is eyeing-up the cut-down budget Android tablet market that the Kindle Fire currently owns in the US. We’ve heard before that Google’s after the budget end of the tablet market, but a stripped down version of Android is not something we ever thought Google would consider. Read More >>


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