The Best Reason to Join Google+ (or Else!)

Have you signed up for Google+ yet? Have you?! Or have you been cowering in the closet, whispering empty reassurances to yourself as it slowly but surely closes in. There's only one place this can all be headed: Enter Google Blackmail. Read More >>

"Realistic Google+ Simulator" is Full of Tumbleweed and...Enoch Powell?

The narcissists turn to Twitter, the stalkers to Facebook, the drug dealers to Instagram and the sex-crazed to Snapchat. Everyone else? They head over to Google+. All three of them, according to the on-the-nose "Realistic Google+ Simulator" from UsVsThem. Read More >>

The Nine Dumbest Theories About When Android KitKat's Coming Out

Android 4.4 Kit Kat and the new Nexus 5 are just around the corner. We've got all the leaks in the world to prove it. But we don't know when, and so of course, people have been speculating. Like lunatics. Read More >>

Schmidt-Faced Profile Pic-Swap Protests Dig at Google's "Endorsed Advert" Plans

The inevitable backlash against Google's user "endorsed" advertisements has begun, with those protesting the upcoming policy changes finding a hilarious way to get under the search giant's skin. Read More >>

Google+ Comments Coming to YouTube to Clean Google's World of Shame

Google's finally doing something about the global embarrassment of comments beneath YouTube videos, in soon allowing Google+ to be used when interacting on the site. The shift will see Google allow private comment fields viewable only by G+ friends, plus new threading, filtering and sorting options to relegate spammers and idiots. [YouTube] Read More >>

Completely Redesigned Google+ Adds a Whopping 41 New Features

Google is overhauling Google+ with 41—yes, forty-one—new features. They're based around three areas of the Chrome experience: Stream, Hangouts, and Photos. The new design is rolling out today, and it looks beautiful enough to actually use. Read More >>

Google+ Hangouts in Gmail Means Nine-way Video Chats

Hangouts are one of the redeeming qualities of Google+, and they're about to be more widely available. Google announced that it's rolling out the video chats to Gmail. Read More >>

Google Is Pathetically Asking You to Thank People Who've Used Google+

Well, this is officially sad, desperate, and annoying! Google+ is now reminding us that we have no manners, and ought to thank the people who have liked (probably by accident) a link via the abandoned social network. Oh my goodness! Read More >>

Google Hauled in £6.5 Billion of Highly Relevant Money Last Quarter

Google just reported its earnings results from the most recent financial quarter, and while there's not too much to go on yet, it's notable that for the first time, the company took in over $10 billion (around £6.5 billion) of revenue in a single three-month period. Read More >>

Why Google+ Will Never Beat Facebook

Google+'s traffic is taking a long slide down the shitter, having lost last month's entire 1269% traffic spike. Reading this forced me to remember it exists. Google+ is simply worse than Facebook. And you know what? It'll never catch up. Read More >>

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Google+ for iOS Gets Mobile Hangouts, Too

Not to leave iOS users in the dust, Google just updated their Google+ app to include video chat and improved group messaging. I have about one more reason to use my languishing account. Keep 'em coming, Google! [iTunes via Phonescoop] Read More >>


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