Google TV Will Finally Arrive in the UK Next Month

After waiting almost two years for it, Google TV is finally going to make it over to the UK courtesy of a Sony set top box. Whether it'll actually be worth buying, that's another matter entirely, but at least it's actually here at last. Read More >>

We'll Finally Get Sony-Powered Google TVs in September

We've been waiting for some time now, but we still haven’t seen any Google TVs in Britain yet. Now Sony’s apparently set to start selling Google TV set-top boxes in Europe kicking off in September this year, complete with Google Play, Android apps, and Sony’s own services including Music Unlimited. Considering our US cousins have had them for ages now, it’s about time we got them in Blighty. Read More >>

Is Google TV Getting a Siri Clone?

Google's got a patent application out there for a Siri-like UI for Google TV. What does that mean for Google TV owners? Not much just yet, but it's a sign you're not totally abandoned. Read More >>

Yeah, That's Probably Not the Best Comparison to Make When Talking of Your Google TV Remote, Sony

When discussing the changes between the US and European remotes, Sony's business development chap for Google TV, Ralph Becker, made the above observation regarding the US remote (pictured above). At least RIM has one fan? He also took us through the additions we'll see when it launches in Spring/Summer (or even as late as October?), including the gyroscope and microphone. Read More >>

Sony's Google TV Boxes Arriving Earlier Than Expected, In Spring (Updated)

Last we heard of Sony's two Google TV boxes, the Blu-ray drive-equipped NSZ-GP9 and non-Blu-ray NSZ-GS7 models were due to launch in the UK in summer. But today, Sony told Giz UK that we can expect to see them in spring, giving the company a "more clear direction of where to go," in regards to the future of Google TV. Read More >>

First Google TV Devices Hitting the UK This Summer

It looks like the first Google TV device to launch in the UK won't actually be a TV, but is more likely to be a web-connected Sony Blu-ray player that also supports Google's TV dream. Read More >>

Qualcomm Puts a Quad-Core Processor In a TV

Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors have been a hallmark of mobile devices for the past few years. Not content with keeping the party in your pockets, the Snapdragon is coming to your TV, to the tune of 1.5GHz quad-core processor mightiness. Read More >>

Sony Now Makes a Portable Blu-ray Player. Why?

I'm sure there are 3.5 people out there who will put Sony's portable Blu-ray player to great use. It has a 9-inch screen, 4.5 hours of battery life, and 1080p output via HDMI. But for the rest of us, The Sony SX910 is an extremely niche-y, borderline unnecessary piece of tech. Read More >>

Sony's Google TV Streamer Picks Up Where the Logitech Revue Left Off

Logitech may have balked on their relationship with the Google TV platform, but Sony's new Google TV streamer is hard evidence that the company is fully committed to the Android-based IPTV ecosystem. Read More >>

LG Throws Two Double-Brained Google TVs Into the World

At least one more company thinks you're going to like Google TV: LG's LMG860 and LMG620 not only pack the company's own "smart TV" software, but the more polished Android-y dashboard as well. That's two ways to channel surf smart. Read More >>

LG's Google TV Launching in the UK... But Not Until 2013

LG's UK division has given us a UK launch date for its first Google-powered TV. That's the good news. The bad news is we'll be waiting until 2013 for it. Read More >>

Google TV Boldly Tells World It Will Survive

Remember Google TV? At least one entity does: Google, who just let us in on its plans for 2012. The software is hitting TVs from Samsung and LG. Read More >>

Eric Schmidt Insanely Claims Google TV Will Come with "Majority" of TVs Next Year (NO)

Aside from complementary massages and gourmet lunches, another perk of working at Google appears to be an abundant supply of powerful drugs, with Chairman Eric Schmidt proclaiming his floundering Google TV will be built into most TVs next summer. Bullshit. Read More >>

Logitech Abandons That Sinking Ship Known as Google TV

Logitech was one of the biggest pushers of Google TV. Now, after losing £62 million to this adventure, it's pulling the plug of Logitech Revue, desperately trying to sell the inventory. Logitech says it's all Google's fault: the software sucked. Read More >>

Google TV 2.0: Android Honeycomb. Apps. Awesome.

When Google TV arrived last year in the US, it possessed promise and potential that was never quite realised. Now Google TV 2.0 is here, armed with apps and a new content discovery system. And the search giant thinks they've got it right this time. Read More >>

Catch a Glimpse of Google TV 2.0

The original launch of Google TV didn't go so well. Will an updated UI and expanded access to the Android marketplace help the set-top boxes find a place in living rooms? Maybe not. Check out a full gallery of screen grabs and further analysis at Zat's Not Funny. Read More >>


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