Google X's Crazy Failures: Space Elevator, Hoverboards, Teleportation

We've all wondered excitedly about exactly what Google might be cooking up in its X lab. But now, Fast Company has taken a peek inside its workshops to found out what happens to the ideas that don't make it off the drawing board. Read More >>

Report: Google's Barge Will Be an Invite-Only Google X Showroom

CBS is reporting that Google's barge will "feature luxury showrooms and a party deck" for the search giant to show off projects coming out of Google X to special, invite-only clients. Read More >>

A Peek at the Secret Lab Where Google Tries to Invent the Future

Google's got its hands in a lot of cooke jars. It's juggling Android, and ChromeOS, and maps, and Gmail, and Glass, and self-driving cars. But the real, secret goods are (presumably) hidden deep inside the secret "Google [x]" lab, and Bloomberg got an awful close—but not quite uncensored—peek. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When Your Experimental Lab Has Too Much Time and Money

Why, yes, that is Sergey Brin driving around in a pink zero-emission Batmobile. Apparently that's what the crew of Google's X Lab get up to on April Fools, pimping the boss' £50,000-plus electric Tesla Model S. Rumour has it that he quite likes it too. Oh how the other half live. [Google+Twitter, Brian Li via 9to5Google] Read More >>

Google's New £76 Million Hardware Testing Labs

If Google's Head-Up Display glasses and automated cars aren't enough for you, here's some good news: Google is pushing £76 million into new construction projects, many of which will be home to secret hardware testing facilities. Read More >>

Google Could Soon Help You See the World Like Iron Man

Iron Man's HUD display is one of the cooler effects in sci-fi movies, and Google X is apparently pretty darn close to cramming similar tech in a pair of glasses you can buy in the real world. Read More >>


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