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Feel Your Stomach Drop as This Snowmobile Launches Off a Cliff

This is what GoPros were invented to do: take you along for the ride as completely insane adrenaline junkies launch vehicles off of precipices. Like Brett Turcotte jumping off a cliff riding his snowmobile—and landing perfectly. Read More >>

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First-Person GoPro Stuntman Video Makes Me Want to Jump Off a Crane

It'd be fun to be a stuntman. As long as you had the nuts to put your body on the line and jump off stuff all day. Even if you don't, these GoPro videos of real stuntman dives will give you a taste of what it's like. Read More >>

The Best Action Camera: Spring 2014 Edition

You can't just do something dangerous and insane these days without filming it for posterity. And while action cameras let us relieve these life-highlights over and over, they aren't all created equal. We decided to see for ourselves which one could handle your extreme adventures best. Read More >>

This Bike Ride Filmed as a 360º Panorama is Amazing

Do you feel like you're on top of the world when you're riding a bike? Well, you're definitely on top of a mini-world at least, in this awesome video version of those familiar 360º panorama planets. Six GoPro cameras were used to turn biking on an ordinary trail into this trippy ride. Read More >>

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This GoPro Video of Strangers High Fiving Will Put You in a Good Mood

If you're feeling down for whatever reason, you should watch this video of strangers high fiving, caught on a GoPro rig. It's going to make you smile, and what's more, the first-person perspective rig is downright awesome. Read More >>

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Kayaking Fisherman Hooks Hammerhead Shark and Gets Towed for 12 Miles

Adam Fisk hooked an three-metre long hammerhead shark near the coast line and ended being towed for 12 miles, which were covered in about two hours. According to Fisk, the shark ate a 2.2-kilo bonito from his kayak. Another hammerhead was following him too. Read More >>

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Take a Quadcopter Tour of Alaska's Ice Caves Without Catching a Cold

With towering, crystalline halls of frozen water, ice caves are among the most visually arresting formations in nature. They're just a pain to explore given their often inaccessible locations and the inhospitable climate that allows for their development. Read More >>

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Insane Point-of-View Footage of Supercross Riders Battling for the Win

This whole GoPro video, showing riders Ken Roczen and Ryan Villopoto scrapping it out for the lead at the 450SX Class Supercross race at the Georgia Dome earlier this week, is insane. Read More >>

A Simple Trick to Keep Your GoPro Footage Steady

GoPro is the bestselling camera in the world because you can take the tough sucker anywhere. Just mount it on your surfboard/snowboard/bicycle and it'll snag back fisheye footage for your bragging video. Handholding a GoPro, however, yields shaky results. Read More >>

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Here's What 12 Inches of Overnight Snowfall Looks Like in 45 Seconds

Check out this GoPro footage capturing more than 12 inches of snow piling up over one night, made by YouTube user bshenal. Read More >>

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Watch a GoPro Camera Fall Out of a Plane and Land in a Pigsty

Here's a crazy story. A GoPro camera falls out of a plane, travels hundreds of metres to the ground, and lands in a pigsty. Eight months later, a random person finds said GoPro, footage intact. It's worth watching. Read More >>

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Tour the CES Show Floor in 90 Frenetic Seconds

Until you've been to CES, it's hard to appreciate how immense the exhibition space is. To convey the experience, we fired up a GoPro as we toured the show floor. Here is a a minute and a half of the chaos. Read More >>

Steadicam's Curve Makes Your GoPro Vids as Smooth as Silk

Steadicam—makers of all kinds of stabilising contraptions that turn average cameramen into (seemingly) masterful cinematographers—has just introduced its smallest model yet called the Curve that's designed to keep your GoPro videos looking their best. Read More >>

London Cyclists "Long" to be Run Down, Says Tory Peer

A Conservative peer of the House of Lords has sparked controversy by claiming that cyclists that wear helmet cameras to record their journey are "longing" to be knocked over by motorisits. Because every GoPro sold has a picture of a smiling, mowed down cyclist on the box, right? Read More >>

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Fire-Breathing Human Is Even Crazier in GoPro Bullet Time

Here we have 24 GoPros recording at high speed, strategically arranged around a fire-breathing daredevil. When the footage is slowed down and spliced together, you get a sweet bullet-time effect—without using a bunch of crazy professional cameras. Read More >>

GoPro Studio 2.0 Hands-On: Easier, Awesomer Videos

GoPro, the Q-Tips of action cameras, recognised a problem. People are shooting tonnes of footage with their cameras, but are then letting it languish away on a dusty old hard drive, unseen and unedited. The California company is hoping to help correct that with new mobile apps and desktop editing software. Read More >>


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