Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass Slaughters Bacteria With Toxic Silver

Everywhere you go you're touching gross things and then touching your phone. How often do you disinfect your phone? Probably never! Luckily, Corning has developed a new version of its tough Gorilla Glass that kills bacteria. The trick is filling the glass with tiny silver bullets to murder the bastards. Read More >>

Corning's Going to Start Making 3D-Shaped Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass, Corning's enormously sturdy scratch and crack resistant touchscreen glass, is pretty impressive, found on billions of devices worldwide. Now, the glass maker has announced a novel manufacturing technique to make 3D shapes out of Gorilla Glass. Read More >>

BMW Is Going to Use Gorilla Glass in the BMW i8

After leaving most car enthusiasts wondering what's next when it introduced the all electric BMW i3, BMW released some details about the upcoming plug-in hybrid i8. At a test track showing off the stunning sports car, BMW revealed that the i8 will be the first car to use Gorilla Glass for its windows. Read More >>

Laptops and Tablets Are Getting New Super-Durable Gorilla Glass

Corning has a new version of its ultra-tough touchscreen glass called Gorilla Glass NBT, meant for touchscreen tablets and notebooks. Read More >>

Your Next Smartphone Screen Will Be Able to Disinfect Itself

Your phone is filthy. Anything that's getting rubbed by your grimy little fingers on a ridiculously regular basis is going to be far from pristine. But Corning can help. Its newest revision of Gorilla Glass is not only ridiculously resilient, it also kills pesky germs all by itself. Read More >>

The Glass on Your Phone Is Actually Shrinking Before Your Very Eyes

That Gorilla Glass screen might be good at protecting your phone from scratches, smashes and the nightmare of repair bills, but did you know it's actually physically shrinking, even now while slapped across the front of your phone. Read More >>

Gorilla Glass an Unlikely Weapon in the Battle to Increase Car Economy

Corning's Gorilla Glass, which has been toughening up mobile displays for the last few years, may soon find its ways into cars. As it's so tough it allows car manufacturers to use thinner layers, reducing overall weight and perhaps adding a few percentage points to fuel consumption averages. Read More >>

Watch Corning Stress-Test Gorilla Glass Against the Competition (Guess What Wins)

In an effort to disprove naysaying critics and copycat inferior scratch-resistant glass, Corning has orchestrated an independent and totally bias-free series of tests, run by Corning. Shock/horror, the screen manufacturered by... you guessed it, Corning, came out on top. Read More >>

Gorilla Glass 3 Hands On: Somehow Even More Indestructible (Exclusive)

Corning is unveiling the newest iteration of its popular Gorilla Glass line of scratch and crack resistant screens at the Consumer Electronics Show tomorrow but we were able to get an early preview of just how tough GG3 really is. And boy is it. Read More >>

New Tougher Gorilla Glass 3 Is Coming Next Week

Corning has made it known that next week, the company will tell us all about its latest ultra tough gadget glass. Details about Gorilla Glass 3 are scant right now, but here's what we do know: It'll be tough stuff. Read More >>

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The HTC One X Makes a Great Makeshift Hammer Too

We've already seen that the Nokia Lumia 900 is a decent emergency hammer, but it seems the HTC One X makes for an even better one. I know Gorilla Glass is strong and all, but if you can watch this without cringing as he seriously pounds the thing, I'll be amazed. Read More >>

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The Nokia Lumia 900 Makes For a Surprisingly Good Hammer

Apparently Nokia's new flagship, the Lumia 900, is as hard as nails, literally. Having tested the phone's glass and found it to be super tough, the next logical step is see how it would hold up against a couple of nails and a hammer, obviously. Read More >>

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Everything Would Be Better If It Was Just Made Of Glass

OK, that might be a bit of an overstatement – I still want my car to be made out of metal, just in case someone decides to drive into the side of me. But Corning’s second vision of a future world made of glass certainly looks awesome. Read More >>

Corning and Samsung Team Up for Gorilla Glass-Tough OLED

Gorilla Glass, especially version 2.0, has earned its reputation for durability and strength. But reputation only goes so far and Samsung wants something more. That's why Cornign and Samsung are joining forces to develop a newer, better, more scratch-resistant AMOLED screens. Read More >>

How Glass Changed the World—Over and Over Again

You probably haven't given much thought to the fact that there's a slab of chemically strengthened glass in your pocket, deflecting blows from keys or change or any other hard objects might slide or scrape or scratch against it, or that the hundreds of millions of similar slices of glass lining pockets around the world wasn't possible not so long ago. Read More >>


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