Spray-Painting Graffiti Drone Not Nearly as Effective as You'd Think

Robots may be taking our jobs throughout agriculture and industry, but the the duty of defacing architecture is likely to remain in the hands of humans for the immediate future if this semi-autonomous spray-paint drone is any evidence. Read More >>

Nun Goes Nuclear in Bizarre Weapons Facility Blood & God Protest

84-year-old nun Sister Megan Rice got herself a 35-month jail sentence in the US, after she was found guilty of breaking into a nuclear weapons storage plant and daubing it with religious messages. And, belying the traditional image of the polite nun, she spread human blood around the place too. Read More >>

If a Graffiti Printer Writes With Sand is it Still Really Vandalism?

Gijs van Bon's Skryf machine is far from the world's first automatic graffiti machine. But it could be the first that won't have law enforcement ready to throw the cuffs on him. That's because the self-propelled device uses a modified CNC milling machine to 'print' messages on the ground using nothing but harmless sand. Read More >>

Tour a Secret Art Show Inside a Condemned NYC Apartment Building

Last week, as New York City suffered through blistering cold temperatures, 43 street artists were secretly painting three entire floors of a soon-to-be-demolished apartment building. We got to visit during an exclusive, two-hour show on Friday night. Read More >>

7 Street Art Stencils That Interact With Their Surroundings

Paris-based street artist ABOVE is known for weaving stencil paintings into the surrounding streetscape to create images that border on optical illusions. Traveling the world to make art that comments on social and political issues, ABOVE keeps an eye out for situations where real world and painted image can interact, with results that are playful, head-scratching and haunting. Read More >>

Watch These Graffiti Masters Turn a Boeing 737 Into Airborne Art

Any Boeing 737 is a marvel of industrial achievement, but one in particular is also a work of art. British creative group HangFire recently completely transformed one of the giant flying machines with some amazing graffiti. Read More >>

Street Artist Replaces Erased Work With Stencil of Guy Who Erased It

The work of a street artist is perhaps by definition impermanent; you create, it's found out, it's erased, you move on. Or, if you're a young man who goes by the name of DS, you spot the guy who's erasing your work, photograph him, and come back later to immortalise him as a stencil in the exact same place. Read More >>

Water-Activated LED Wall: Sounds Dangerous, Looks Beautiful

Water and electricity: historically, not a great combo! But Antonin Fourneau, a French artist and engineer, combines both to remarkable ends in his installation, Water Light Graffiti, which landed in New York this week.
The surface of Water Light Graffiti is dotted by thousands of LEDs, each ringed by a sensor that triggers the light when it's wet. Visitors are welcome to grab a paintbrush or super soaker (or straight-up bucket) and go to town on the board, which fades back to black after a few minutes. The idea, Fourneau says, is to get people creating and interacting without the self-consciousness of actually painting. He describes the installation as a way to "share magically:" Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg, Pummelled and Posterized

OK, nobody actually beat up Mark Zuckerberg, but someone did plaster a series of posters that make it seem as though the Facebook founder had been beaten up. When in actuality it's the latest work of famed NYC graffiti artist KATSU. You might have seen his signature skulls or perhaps even his app before? Read More >>

Polite Graffiti Artists Correct the Grammar of their Miseducated Peers

Some of London's stupidest graffiti is being corrected out there on the streets, thanks to the work of a crack team of apostrophe-aware tutors armed with marker pens and keen to right the wrongs of poorly written street art. Read More >>

Shepard Fairey Designed the New ISS Mission Badges

What? If Shepard Fairey is capable of making Andre the Giant and Neil Diamond relevant to the 21st Century, there's no way he could have not knocked the design for the ISS out of the park. Read More >>

11 Walls That Are Definitely Watching You

Abandoned places are creepy. Abandoned places are even creepier when you give them eyes and mouths and teeth so they look like they have a sinister personality and want to eat you alive. That's exactly the treatment street artist Nomerz gives the dilapidated buildings around Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Read More >>

Future Asteroids Could Be Deflected With Nothing But Space-Graffiti

Our planet's recent close call with one asteroid, and direct visit from another has definitely made it seem important to consider how to avoid the pesky things in the future. One solution is to direct the Sun's power into pulverizing lasers, but another option just involves covering incoming rocks with spray paint. Simple as that. Read More >>

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Spraypaint Spirograph: It's Banksy for Beginners

The Spirograph completely revolutionised doodling as we know it, and Narcélio Grud hopes it can do the same for street art which is commonly looked at as nothing more than graffiti. His machine lets anyone who's unskilled with a can of spraypaint make complex patterns with a spin of its wheel. Read More >>

Go Compare Defaces Its Own Ads, So You Don't Have to

That excruciatingly noisy Go Compare man has been driving the British public mad for far too long now, so Go Compare came up a new way to catch your eye; pre-defaced billboards. Read More >>

Ethical Graffiti: Pressure-Washing Moss to Make Art

Most street artists add to the urban environment to make a statement. But Stefaan de Croock takes away instead: he uses a pressure washer to carve graffiti into the natural dirt and growth that cover our cityscapes, and the results are quite amazing. Read More >>


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