Autogrammar Is About to Make Autocorrect a Lot More Naggy

Are you a lazy texter? Do you have fat fingers? Did you sleep through all of your English classes? Well, none of that matters anymore with the imminent release of new software that not only autocorrects your misspelled words but also fixes your grammar mistakes. Read More >>

Polite Graffiti Artists Correct the Grammar of their Miseducated Peers

Some of London's stupidest graffiti is being corrected out there on the streets, thanks to the work of a crack team of apostrophe-aware tutors armed with marker pens and keen to right the wrongs of poorly written street art. Read More >>

Horrible Grammar in Text Messages Could Be a Sign of a Stroke

In the rankings of where you need to use proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure, text messages have to be in the neighbourhood of last place -- right next to YouTube comments. It's because texts are a mindless quick-shot form of communication, surely? But maybe writing poor word-vomit-texts points to something larger... like having a stroke? That's what some doctors have found, and they're calling it "dystexia." Read More >>

Star Trek Nerds in Epic Online Battle Over Correct Word Capitalisation

There's a stonking nerd battle going on in the editor comments section of Star Trek: Into Darkness Wikipedia listing, where furious fans have so far penned 45,000 words on the subject of whether the "into" part of "Into Darkness" should be capitalised or not. Read More >>


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