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This GTA IV Mod Lets You Go Back to the Future to Escape the Cops

If there's any reason to have a decent PC that can run Grand Theft Auto IV, it's gotta be this. Full-on Back to the Future madness. This fantastic mod steps you into the shoes of Marty McFly, complete with a flux capacitor-toting DeLorean that really does time travel at 88mph, leaving a delicious trail of fire in its wake, that yes, even sets cop cars on fire. Ace. Read More >>

Fujifilm Cameras From £27 Are Your Boozy-Night-Out-Cam Deal of the Day

The holiday and festival season is coming like a wolf over a hill and it’s the time of year more than any other when we all want to be taking snappy snaps of our goings on. But if you’ve got a nice posh camera, do you really want to take it to a muddy festival or sandy beach? No. Read More >>


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