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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For iPhone Puts GTA 5's Los Santos in Your Pocket

Have you seen every secret that Grand Theft Auto 5 has to offer, and still need a Los Santos fix? Today, you'll be able to go back to where the So-Cal-styled crime spree first kicked off, with Rockstar putting a remastered edition of the classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas out on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Read More >>

GTA: San Andreas Hitting Mobiles, Hopefully in Time to Sate Your Christmas Bloodlust

You've seen everything that this year's iteration of San Andreas has to offer in Grand Theft Auto V, and you'll soon also be able to revisit Rockstar's original take on the Sunshine State on mobiles. PS2 classic GTA: San Andreas will be hitting mobile devices in December. Read More >>

Original Grand Theft Auto Getting a 3D Remake

We could soon be getting a whole new perspective on the crime-fuelled insanity of the first ever Grand Theft Auto game, as one of the original developers has taken it upon himself to remake the game in 3D. Photo-real it ain't, but a fun blast from the past it sure could be. Read More >>

GTA Online Players Getting $500,000 in Virtual Cash as Apology for Criminal Launch

The open-world promise of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer game was marred by one of the most horrific launches in recent gaming history. With servers getting hammered, glitches halting play and entire player characters being deleted, it was about as much fun as being the victim of a real-life car-jacking. Holding its hands up in apology, developers Rockstar will be offering all those affected $500, virtual, in-game cash, of course. Read More >>

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Wow, This Beautiful Time Lapse Was Incredibly Created in GTA V

It's official. Living in the world of GTA is way better than living in real life. Hell, the only thing real life had on being a criminal in Los Santos was gaspingly beautiful time lapse videos that would pop up every and now again to capture your attention and make you wonder why you can't see the world like that every day. No more. Here's a time lapse video created in the world of GTA V. It's perfect. Read More >>

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Real Life Grand Theft Auto Is Way More Fun Than GTA

As an ode to Niko Bellic from GTA IV, Andrew McMurry imagined what a real life version of GTA would look like. In this short, Niko loses his all-powerful mobile phone and a random passerby manages to get a hold of it. He can cue up outfit changes, special powers, rocket launchers and the ability to ditch the cops. Read More >>

Defending GTA V, and Whether We Really Ought To

Hands up if you bought GTA V this week. Of course you did. Rockstar's latest do-whatever-you-want-'em-up is probably the most eagerly-awaited Grand Theft Auto to date, causing a frenzy amongst gamers unlike anything seen before. But while you spend the coming weekend in an orgy of carjacking, robberies and mindless slaughter, ask yourself one question: Am I cool with all of this? Read More >>

London Man Stabbed for his Copy of GTA V After Midnight Opening

A man walking home from a launch night GTA V shopping event was attacked, stabbed and robbed of his copy of the game, with the thieves even hitting him with a brick for good measure. Read More >>

Amazon UK Breaks Global GTA V Embargo and Ships Some Copies Early

Amazon has decided that what it really needs is more enemies in the retail world, managing to infuriate the nation's game shops by sending out some of its copies of GTA V early. Some gamers got their Amazon pre-orders on Saturday, three days before the game's official launch. Read More >>

PS3 Bundle Is Your Living-In-PS4-La-La-Land Deal of the Day

A few days ago, we told you about Microsoft's valiant attempts to keep the Xbox 360 flame burning ahead of the Xbox One's arrival. It looks as though Sony is keen to do the same thing before the PS4 launches. Read More >>

GTA Vice City Out Now on Android and iOS

Rockstar Games has wound back the clock a few years and reinvigorated GTA Vice City for a new generation (or the same crowd just now a bit older), with the legendary crime game now available on Android and iOS. Read More >>

GTA Vice City Coming to Android and iOS on December 6th

The game that really established the GTA series as a Triple-A blockbuster and had kids queuing down the street for it 10 years ago will soon hit today's smartphones, with GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition arriving on Android and iOS in a couple of weeks. Read More >>

GTA V Has Three Main Characters, Underwater Exploration, a Wilderness, Military Bases and More

One of the US gaming magazines has published an enormous feature covering GTA V, exposing absolutely stacks of new information about what will be 2013's biggest game. It's got three playable characters in it for a start, and the game world is huge. Read More >>

GTA Vice City Coming to iOS and Android in a Few Weeks

The legendary GTA III sequel will soon be playable on your phone, with famed developer Rockstar announcing plans to launch a mobile version of enormous crime game GTA Vice City later this year. Read More >>


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