Sweaty Southern Rail Travellers Subsidise the Loss-Making Northern Franchises

Stats measuring the amount rail companies pay the government and receive in subsidy appear to show travellers in the South East are bailing out the rest of the network, with passengers into London paying around £1 each per 10 miles in higher ticket prices due to the government's subsidy system. Read More >>

Why Is the US Army Investing In 4D Printing?

A new grant from the U.S. Army Research Office will split £535,000 between three research teams working on so-called "4D printing." By military budget standards, that’s chump change—but it hints at a huge future for a technology that’s been lingering on the horizon for years. Read More >>

Europe Bets €1Billion on Graphene as the Next Big Thing in... Everything

A big pot of Europe's money is being channeled in the direction of miraculous super future material graphene, with an enormous €1billion grant about to fund a decade of development work into new uses for the ingenious carbon product. Read More >>


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