The Best Get Rich Quick Scheme? Selling Stolen Graphing Calculators

You're down and out. You need to make some quick cash. You're not opposed to criminal activity. What do you do? Cook meth? Nah, just sell some stolen graphing calculators out of state. Read More >>

You Won't Believe How Much Graphing Calculators Have Changed

Twenty-seven years after introducing the world's first graphing calculator, Casio has developed its most sophisticated educational Game Boy ever. Indeed, the new Casio fx-CP400's 320 x 528 resolution screen isn't just colour—it's a freaking touchscreen that flips from vertical to horizontal. That's a far cry from the drab 94 x 64 display on the the Casio fx-7000G from 1985. Read More >>

The TI-84 Is Finally Going to Join Us In the Future With A Color Screen

Graphing calculator screens have always been behind the times. Even years ago, before smartphones, graphing calculator screens weren't nearly has good as their portable gaming counterparts. Now it seems an old favorite, the TI-84, is finally, finally getting an upgrade to colour. Why? Why not. Read More >>


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