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Genius Gravity Scene Featuring Superman Ruins/Fixes the Whole Movie

Haha, this is super silly but if you enjoyed the roller coaster ride that was Gravity and wished you were a superhero once before in your life, you should enjoy this fun mash-up video that creates a fake "deleted scene" that changes the entire movie. Read More >>

You Can't Steer a Bike in Zero Gravity, Even if the Road's Magnetic

Gravity is the sworn enemy of any cyclist. Succumb to its force while you're on two wheels, and you'll end up bloody and bruised. But like any superhero's nemesis, gravity justifies a bike's very existence, because without it, you'd never be able to steer. Strap on a helmet, this is gonna get weird. Read More >>

You Haven't Seen Gravity Until You've Seen it in a Weightlessness Tank

Forget IMAX 3D. If you really want to see Gravity as it was meant to be seen, then this personal screening room/bathtub/human storage pod a la The Matrix is the only way to go. Read More >>

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Astronaut Suit Spins Out of Control Like a Real-Life Scene From Gravity

Watching this gives me the chills: a cosmonaut floats away from the International Space Station, spinning out of control as the camera follows it, orbiting planet Earth for seven months before plunging into the atmosphere, burning and disintegrating. A terrifying scene that looks like the movie Gravity, but the video above is real—except no human was inside that suit. Read More >>

Gravity Wins Big at 2014 Oscars With Seven Awards

Tense sci-fi special effects extravaganza Gravity took one giant leap for 3D filmmaking last night, becoming the big winner at last night's 2014 Academy Awards ceremony. Read More >>

Inside the Special Effects That Made Gravity Look So Good

Gravity was a stunning piece of cinema, brought to life by some beautiful special effects. In this video show and tell, VFX company Framestore reveals how it achieved some of the most breathtaking scenes. Read More >>

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Honest Gravity Trailer Brings Bafta Winner Back Down to Earth

It's won over the Bafta judges and looks likely to be a big winner at the Oscars too, but is Gravity the classic it's being made out to be? As this "honest" trailer from Screen Junkies points out, it's basically unreasonably-attractive-astronaut-pinball with some neat tracking shots thrown in. Right? [YouTube] Read More >>

Gravity Cleans Up at the Baftas Winning Six Gongs -- But Why Best British Film?

Science-fiction disaster flick Gravity walked away the big winner at last night's Bafta film awards ceremony, winning a well-deserved six awards including Best Director and Best British Film. Read More >>

The Fukushima Earthquake Actually Changed Earth's Gravity

The 2011 Tohoku earthquake, which caused the tsunami behind the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown, disrupted more than man-made structures. The European Space Agency's GOCE satellite measured a significant change in Earth's gravity after the earthquake before falling out of the sky on November 11th. Read More >>

This Official Gravity Spin-Off Film Reveals Who Was on the Other End of Sandra Bullock's Space Call

In space, no-one can hear you scream, but Sandra Bullock's cries in top-notch sci-fi flick Gravity don't fall entirely on deaf ears. A new short companion-piece film to go along with Alfonso Cuarón's movie has been released, giving some insight into what was going on back on Earth. Keep in mind, some mild spoilers follow, so you've been warned. Read More >>

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Explains Why The Underwear in Gravity was Unrealistic

It's not the visuals. Awesome astronaut Chris Hadfield told US talk show host Conan that Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity perfectly captured the spectacular beauty of space. This is a man who actually spacewalked, people! We gotta trust his opinion since we'll probably never see space. But one thing that wasn't realistic? Sandra Bullock's underwear. Read More >>

Gravity Review: All Blockbusters Should Be This Intimate and Beautiful

As you would have guessed from the trailers, with Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón has made a horrifying movie about being stranded in space. But the best—and most surprising—thing about Gravity is that it's also tasteful and elegant. It's the minimalist blockbuster you never knew you'd been longing for. Read More >>

This Tower Exists Solely for Dropping Things

The 475-foot "drop tower" in Bremen, Germany, is not a rocket disguised as a building, but a giant hollow tube used for experimentally dropping things—letting go of objects, watching them plummet toward the ground, and using those nearly 10 seconds of free-fall as a way to study the effects of weightlessness. Read More >>

A Real Astronaut Uncovers the Gaping Plot Hole in Gravity (Potential Spoiler Alert)

Gravity looks pretty damn terrifying. Most philosophers would tell us that for a film to really be chilling to the bone, it must call to mind a real life existential fear that's buried within our souls. So Gravity is tugging at some deeply held fears we've got, then, right? Well, according to real astronaut Michael Massimino, the movie is a bunch of bull. Read More >>

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One Giant Leap for 3D Printing as NASA Plans to Launch the Tech Into Space

Spacewalking astronaut repairmen need never worry about misplacing their allen keys in the never-ending void of space again, as NASA has today announced plans to send a 3D printer up into space to help with repairs and the construction of spare parts beyond our atmosphere. Read More >>

NASA Paying People £3,000 a Month to Lie in Bed Watching TV

The dream. NASA is hiring men like us for an experiment into the effects of gravity on the human body, asking for subjects prepared to spend 70 days lying in bed watching TV. Finally, a chance to put "lying in bed watching TV" on your CV. Read More >>


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