Porn Accidentally Broadcast Live On Greek Evening News (NSFW)

It seems smut gets everywhere, even on the evening news. Legions of Greeks watched in horror as a graphic sex scene played out in the background of a report by the state-owned public broadcaster on the latest unrest across the nation. The news anchor seemed none-the-wiser as to what was happening over his shoulder. Read More >>

Greek Police Accused of Terrible Photoshop Job to Hide Evidence of Brutality

With Photoshop's ubiquity, it's actually surprising that we haven't heard about more scenes like the following: Greek police may soon be under investigation for attempting to airbrush out evidence of police brutality in the mug shots of four young men. And it was a terrible 'shop job, at that. Read More >>

Hacker Steals Nearly *All* of Greece's ID Data

A hacker has been rumbled in possession of personal ID data of Greek citizens, with the man holding a staggering nine million pieces of data -- enough to cover almost the entire population of the country. Read More >>

Coke Sorry About Wiping Greece off the Map

You know how boring it is drawing maps? You know how sometimes you just squiggle a bit to make it easier? That's what Coca-Cola did around the tricky Mediterranean area, accidentally erasing Greece from one promotional Olympic map. Greece was not happy. Read More >>

Greek Olympic Athlete Booted Out of the Games For Twitter Gaffe

LOCOG's warned that social media could be dangerous for athletes, but it's not a Brit that's the first casualty -- a Greek triple jumper got ejected from her Olympic squad after racist "joke" tweets sent the Greek Olympic Committee reaching for the you're fired button. Read More >>

Fighter Jets: Still the Coolest Way to Escape a Murderous Dictatorship

Col. Hassan Hamada of the Syrian air force decided to fly out of Syria and land in a Jordanian airbase instead of going home on Thursday. The airman made his stylish escape yesterday without a hitch in his MiG-21, and is now an official rebel forces hero. Read More >>


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