This is the Classiest (and Probably Only) Briefcase Barbecue You'll Ever See

Outdoor cookouts can get a little grubby, a little dirty, a little messy—that's part of their charm, for some folks. If, however, you are searching for the classiest damn DIY al fresco dining experience of all time, look no further than this impossibly tidy Mon Oncle barbecue set. It actually comes in a briefcase. Read More >>

A Giant Flaming Billboard is the Best Way to Advertise a Steak House

This billboard started life as an image of a large hunk of meat. But it was eventually consumed by flames, revealing a rather clever advertisement for a Russian steakhouse. Read More >>

This Minimalist Outdoor Grill Rolls Open Like a Sleeping Bag

There's nothing quite like roasting a meal you just caught while you're braving the great outdoors. It's an experience made all the better with a campfire grill that doesn't feel like a sack of bricks in your backpack. And while designer Roee Magdassi's Stakes grill doesn't exist just yet, we're hoping at least one manufacturer sees the brilliance of this design. Read More >>

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If I Ever Get Rich, I'm Gonna Buy One of These Barbecues

My friend Russ designs barbecues for Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, where the starting price is around £6,000. He just sent me this video, a glimpse at their manufacturing process. Man, these are sweet pieces of kit—all hand-made in an adorable town in Michigan, USA, able to burn wood, gas, or charcoal. *drool* Read More >>

Stylish Briefcase BBQ Turns Meetings Into a Cookout

Got a big presentation to give to the board but haven't prepared one bit? They won't even notice your complete lack of research if you show up carrying a briefcase that unfolds into a compact grill. Read More >>

Floating Barbecue Grill Promises the Freshest Shrimp on the Barbie

If you're an avid fisherman you no longer have to wait to get back to shore to enjoy your catch. But it will require you to trade in your fishing boat for this £32,000 floating BBQ that can accomodate up to ten passengers. Read More >>

The Best BBQ Grill

A summer isn't a summer without a good grill to fire up. But you don't have to settle for good. The Wirecutter's Seamus Bellamy pinned down the cream of the charcoal crop. Read More >>

Briefcase Rotisserie: Get Outta My Dreams and Under My Desk

Not only is this fully functional rotisserie small enough to be used indoors, it actually folds down to a briefcase sized package that could even be stashed in the overhead bins on a plane. That 'no smoking' sign in the bathroom only pertains to cigarettes, right? Read More >>

An F1 Racing Barbecue Grill for No Reason Other Than Being Amazing

I can't think of a single thing I'd rather F1 engineers doing with their downtime than building grills designed with F1 dynamics in mind. They only thing that could make Brennwagen grills more desirable would be guns to shoot your meat while you cook it. Read More >>

Daily Desired: The Toughest Backyard BBQ In the World

A Weber grill is just a glorified hunk of cheap metal. Don't believe me? Heat the grates up to 1000 degrees and watch the thing fall apart. This grill is for people who want to cook for real. Read More >>


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