Former Groupon Boss Releases Motivational Business Rock Album Hardly Workin'

Andrew Mason has been busy since being booted out of Groupon earlier this year, with the founder of the daily deal site putting together a 1980s style rock album he calls Hardly Workin'. It's not clear if he's joking or being serious. Read More >>

UK Sees Its First Grouposal

Scared of proposing face-to-face? Fiancé-to-be a big fan of daily deals websites? Then start taking notes. Read More >>

A Brand New iPad On-the-Cheap Is Your Christmas-Sorted Deal of the Day

There's no point ignoring it any longer -- the Christmas shopping period is now well and truly underway, and we're going to do some practice Christmas shopping today by treating ourselves to a lovely new third-generation iPad. Read More >>

There's Just No Escape For Your News Feed -- Facebook Offers Rolls Out in the UK

Facebook started rolling out its Groupon-style Facebook Offers in last month, but now it's the UK’s turn to join the cheapo-daily-deals party, and your poor News Feed isn’t going to know what hit it. Read More >>

Humbled Groupon Shamed Into Changing its Ways by OFT Investigation

Groupon has been spanked very hard by the Office of Fair Trading, which has warned the online discount club it needs to be more "honest and transparent" in advertising its deals and the discount claims it puts forward. Read More >>

Six Months Of LoveFilm Streaming For Just a Tenner Is Your Sod the "Great" Outdoors Deal of the Day

Not going out is the new staying apparently, and as such, we all need to find stuff with do with our eyes and ears instead of avoiding being knifed in ‘The Great Outdoors’. Or something. Read More >>

Groupon Banned From Running Nose Job Discount Deal

Mass retail ransacking site Groupon has got itself in trouble with the Advertising Statndards Authority, after the discount portal offered cheap nose jobs for those willing to take such drastic measures on a whim. Read More >>


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