This Refresher Guide Re-Caps Game of Thrones in Spoiler-Free Detail Before Season 4 Kicks Off

US TV network HBO has had the web designers in, creating a staggering interactive guide that rips open every single episode of bizarre sex & death fantasy series Game of Thrones, as a refresher ahead of the arrival of series four a few days from now. Read More >>

Enhanced Multi-Tasking on the Samsung GALAXY Note 3

The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 has a wealth of great features built in, and one of the best is its excellent enhanced multi-tasking, with Multi Window and the new S Pen-controlled Pen Window allowing you to be loads more productive every day. Read More >>

Make Sure Your Reading Experience is out of this GALAXY, with My Magazine

My Magazine on the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is one of the most beautiful apps around. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One's TV Guide Features Won't Hit the UK Until 2014

That TV EPG integration thing that Microsoft banged on and on and on about when it launched Xbox One earlier this year? We're not getting it at launch, and Microsoft's only giving a vague "2014" answer when asked about when we are likely to see it. Read More >>

The GALAXY Note 3's Stunning Full HD Super AMOLED Display Explained

If you are a gamer or a movie fan, then you've probably found the expansive 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen to be one of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3's biggest draws. Read More >>

Boosting Productivity and Managing Data Overload with the GALAXY Note 3 and Gear

Texts, emails, tweets, calls, memos - managing all of our data on a daily basis can be overwhelming. The more connected we are the more information we have to process, but how do you keep it all under control? How do you make sure you're always at your most productive? Read More >>

Mastering Drama Shot on the GALAXY S4 and Note 3

By now, you’re probably aware that the camera in your Samsung GALAXY S4 or Note 3 is, thanks to the wonders of software and a hefty dose of processing power, a veritable box of delights. And when mastered, it can capture shots that transcend the merely static and in some cases, produce results that appear almost magical. Read More >>

Bring your Note 3 to the Big Screen: Syncing your Lounge

Your Samsung GALAXY Note 3 gives you access to an amazing range of movies, multimedia and games, perfect for entertaining yourself when on the move. But when you're at home, you might prefer to enjoy this great content on a larger scale. Read More >>

Create Must-Share Animated Photos on your GALAXY Note 3 or S4

The animated GIF is one of the more unlikely successes of the internet age. Originally appearing way back in 1987 (ancient times in internet terms) this steadfastly unglamorous graphics file format has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, becoming something of a web icon. Read More >>

10 Reasons You Need a Samsung GALAXY Note 3

As recently as 2011, the idea of a device that was a usable mobile phone, yet also provided all the functionality of a tablet, seemed thoroughly fanciful. But then Samsung unleashed its GALAXY Note on an unsuspecting world, thereby proving that the very best of both devices could be combined in a single package. Read More >>

A GALAXY of Music in your Pocket

One of the most striking technological developments in recent years has been the emergence of mobile devices as repositories for our music libraries. Read More >>

Become an Android Power User with the Samsung GALAXY S4

Here's our 10-step guide to ditching the desktop using your GALAXY S4. Read More >>

The 10 Best Uses for Multi Window on the GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0

We’re forever trying to do more than one thing at a time, and thanks to Samsung – and Multi Window – that’s now much easier on your GALAXY S4 and GALAXY Note 8.0. Read More >>

10 Battery-Boosting Tips for the GALAXY S4

In addition to the Samsung GALAXY S4’S handy Power saving mode, available in the notification bar to help you save power and extend battery life, there are a number of top tips to ensure you get the most out of your S4. Read More >>

Teach Yourself Music with the GALAXY Note 8.0

When it comes to music, do you know your augmented sevenths from your diminished fifths? Or do you think a treble clef is something Manchester United won back in 1999? Read More >>

Top 10 S Pen Tips and Tricks for the GALAXY Note 8.0

If Leonardo da Vinci had ever got his hands on a Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 tablet, S Pen in tow, just imagine the kind of magic he would have been able to create. Read More >>


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