The World's Largest Lollipop Weighs 3.5 Tonnes

See's Candies celebrated National Lollipop Day (which is apparently a thing) on July 20th by unveiling its record-breaking confection—a 7,003-pound version of the company's signature Gourmet Lollipop—in San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza. Read More >>

Guinness Book of World Records Hits Back At Jack White

Jack White previously lashed out at the people behind the annual record book, ranting about how they denied his (apparently) rightful place as a holder of the world's shortest concert. I doubt the White Stripes were as sweaty as the above image after that one-note gig, but now the compilers behind the Guinness Book of World Records have responded to his comments about the sweat-free show. Read More >>

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Playing Super Mario On the World's Largest NES Controller Is Bloody Difficult

Oh my, the things we do for comedic value 'round Giz HQ's way. Remember the world's largest gamepad, the 12ft-wide NES controller? We got one into the office, where our video-girl Lucy and I tried our hardest with Super Mario. It was surprisingly tricksy, to say the least. Read More >>

Behold the World's Largest Flashlight

Remember the bright as hell, flashlight royalty X21? Well now there's a version that's 13 feet tall, weighs 176 pounds, and shoots out a mind (and eye) blowing 100,000 lumens. And it just set a Guinness World Record. Read More >>


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