This Man Can Type Faster With His Nose Than Some Can With Their Fingers

In a dystopian near-future where hands, thumbs and fingers have been outlawed, one man will be king of the keyboard. That man is India's Mohammed Khurshid Hussain, the newly-confirmed world's fastest nose typist. Read More >>

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How to Get Into the Guinness World Records Book

Whether it was Cheryl Baker 20 years ago or Felix Baumgartner a few months back who introduced you to the Guinness World Records Book, there's always been something special about the record-breaking tome that's seen it retain an incredibly cool status, no matter what your age. Read More >>

The World's Smallest RC Helicopter Can Be Destroyed By a Fly Swatter

it was impressive enough when toymakers found a way to make remote control helicopters small and safe enough to fly around indoors. But their miniaturisation efforts continue on as toymaker Silverlit introduces the Nano-Falcon, an RC chopper so tiny that Guinness has officially granted it the world record for smallest IR-controlled helicopter.
At just over two-and-a-half inches long, the Nano-Falcon has certainly earned that title. A lot of its internal components and electronics were made possible by advancements and miniaturization of smartphone technology, and despite its tiny form factor the Nano-Falcon is still fully maneuverable with the IR controller that dwarfs the craft. When it becomes available next month it will sell for around £30 but your newfound ability to discreetly buzz and annoy co-workers? That's priceless. Read More >>

Guinness World Record Ruins Christmas With Secret Santa Data Splurge

Another day, another information leak, this time coming from an unlikely source, the Guinness World Records. Redditgift users bagged the largest ever 'Online Secret Santa' record, last Christmas, with 30,250 users in 115 countries.  Soon after hearing the good news, Redditors were allowed to apply for a certificate for a nominal fee, not knowing that their collective Christmases were about to be, err, ruined. Read More >>

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Playing Super Mario On the World's Largest NES Controller Is Bloody Difficult

Oh my, the things we do for comedic value 'round Giz HQ's way. Remember the world's largest gamepad, the 12ft-wide NES controller? We got one into the office, where our video-girl Lucy and I tried our hardest with Super Mario. It was surprisingly tricksy, to say the least. Read More >>

Button-Mashing Could Prove Tricky on the World's Largest Gamepad, Which Is In London Now

How much do you want to prance across this NES controller, which just so happens to be the world's largest gamepad? If you hotfoot it over to Liverpool Street station in London today, you can button-mash with all fours, while playing Tetris against a world-champ. No, not Dr. Mario, I'm afraid to say. Read More >>

Gizmodo US Sets New Guinness World Record For Fastest Single Handed iPad Alphabet Typing

Yeah, the Yanks beat us. We tried valiantly with frenzied single handed, single finger typing; but at 6.9 seconds we weren't a scratch on Woody from Giz US, with his gargantuan, world beating time of 3.93 seconds. Hats off Woody. Impressive stuff. [Guinness World Records] Read More >>


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