Haribo's Sugar-Free Gummy Bears Cause "Colon-Shredding Rage"

The clear warning that the sugar-free version of Haribo's Gummy Bears "can cause intestinal distress" due to the laxative effects of the product's sweetener didn't stop plenty of Amazon buyers eating loads of them. Which is handy, as the reviews thread is now a comedy goldmine of sweet eaters describing their most horrific poo moments. Read More >>

You Can Make Gummy Bear Versions of Yourself

Somewhere in between the honour of getting a bronze statue of yourself and the shame of re-creating your sexual organs in plastic is this awesome gummy-bear-yourself service. You can basically create a gummy replica of yourself to eat. It looks absolutely delicious. Read More >>

These Gummy Bears Are Actually a Painting

If you think you can eat these gummy bears, you'd be wrong. They're not real. As in they're not actually gummy bears. Instead, the gummy deliciousness is actually an extremely photorealistic painting made by Jeanne Vadeboncoeur. So good. Read More >>


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