You Can Make Gummy Bear Versions of Yourself

Somewhere in between the honour of getting a bronze statue of yourself and the shame of re-creating your sexual organs in plastic is this awesome gummy-bear-yourself service. You can basically create a gummy replica of yourself to eat. It looks absolutely delicious. Read More >>

This 26 Pound 36,000 Calorie Gummy Python Will Probably Still Kill You

Ironically, dying at the hands of a real python would probably be less agonsing than the prolonged torture of consuming this eight foot long, 26 pound / 11.7kg, 36,720 calorie gummy snake. You can grab one in Blue Raspberry/Green Apple or Red Cherry/Blue Raspberry for £95; just make sure your last will and testament is complete before ordering. Read More >>

happy hour
Make Awesome Jelly Shots Your Liver Will Hate for St. Patrick's Day

For some reason, we humans love to make solid foods liquid, and liquid foods solid. Key Lime Pie Martini? White Russian Ice Cream? I rest my case. Today, in honour of St. Paddy's Day, we're taking three Irish liquids, and making them into one awesome solid. Read More >>


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