Sick Porn Stashed on Hacked Servers to Escape Detection

The Internet Watch Foundation has unearthed a clever yet depressing technique sickos are using to stash and distribute child porn online, with illegal images apparently being hosted on hacked servers without the knowledge of site owners. Read More >>

Luxury Smart Toilet Vulnerable to Back Door Attack

The Satis so-called "smart toilet" can be controlled by an Android app, with users of the £4,000 loo able to operate its lighting, flush and bidet controls from a phone. Problem is, the Bluetooth access PIN is set to "0000" by default, meaning random strangers could seize control of your toilet and exploit your very own back door for their amusement. Read More >>

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How to Root Your Nexus, HTC One, or Samsung Galaxy S4

Android offers a wide variety of advanced customization options, but that’s only scratching the surface of everything you can do with Google’s open source operating system.  Despite some concerns about rooting, with root access you can get down to the system level and tweak things to your liking, even going so far as completely replacing the OS.
This is not an operation for the faint of heart though. Rooting your device will probably void the warranty and could potentially leave your device in a nonfunctional state. Take extreme care before proceeding. If you need help deciding what to do, let’s go over the benefits of rooting. Read More >>

Here's How to Get Microsoft Office 365 On Your Android in the UK

Microsoft's mobile version of Office has finally landed on Android (well, phones, not tablets for now) but is currently only available in the US. Since it's a free app, you can download it using an APK downloader or snag the APK from the nice folks at XDA right here, right now. Read More >>

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7 Quick Tips That Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier

Need a cheap stand for your iPad? Or what about creating a smartphone stand with sunglasses? Did you know a piece of tape could work wonders on an SD card? The helpful folks at Household Hackers have continued their quick and simple life hack videos with seven new ones. I like the idea of misting the heck out of annoying flies. [Household Hacker] Read More >>

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10 Lifehacks That Will Make Your Summer Even More Awesome

Summer was always great growing up because it meant no school. Summer is still great now because of barbecues, ice cream, Pimms, (occasional) sunbathing and the fact that we don't have school anymore. Read More >>

This Scary Video Shows You Really Can Hack Into and Take Control of a Car Now

These days cars are almost entirely controlled by computers. From all the sensors on the car, to actual automated parking and braking systems that can take control of the steering wheel, they're all controlled by on-board ECUs -- effectively connected computers. Of course, any computer can be hacked, with potentially catastrophic effects. Read More >>

Here's How to Completely Skirt Amazon's New Delivery Charges

Amazon's decided that free delivery for anything under £10 has to go, apart from media like CDs, Blu-rays and games. What does that mean? Well, your random purchases have suddenly just gotten a whole lot more expensive. Unless, that is, you follow this handy tip. Read More >>

You've Been Peeling Oranges All Wrong

Oranges are tasty little nuggets of refreshing sweetness that are just begging to be eaten. But peeling them, well, it can be both a messy and tedious affair. That is, unless you peel them like this into a work of delicious art. Amazing. Read More >>

This is What the World's Biggest Data Breaches Look Like

It sometimes feels like there's a big data breach in the news every week — but some are far worse than others. This data visualisation shows the world's biggest data breaches to date, and how they compare over time. Ouch Sony. Read More >>

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All It Took to Hijack Google Glass Was a Dumb QR Code

The scariest Google Glass hack just got fixed before anyone evil could actually use it, but the details are a little unsettling. Using nothing more than Glass's camera and a malicious QR code, hackers would have been able to steal total control of the device if you so much as looked at the wrong thing. Read More >>

Install the Cool New Android 4.3 Camera App on Any Unrooted Phone

We might not be able to snag ourselves a Google Edition of the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UK yet, but we can at least get a taste of what they're like through their leaked camera app. Thanks to some enterprising users, you can now download the APK and install it on pretty much any Android 4.0+ phone without having to root. Read More >>

Hardcore Porn Beating YouTube's Filters and Hitting Users with SMS Spam Links

A security firm has uncovered a porn-themed attack on YouTube users, which is using links in video descriptions to forward watchers to an SMS gateway to continue viewing the clip -- with the rather obvious result being an enormous mobile phone bill. Read More >>

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What Could Be Better Than a Laser? Try a Six-Barrel Laser Gatling Gun

The last time we checked in with Patrick Priebe he'd crafted a replica of the Dead Space plasma cutter using a pair of 1.5-watt blue lasers. This time he's back with a ridiculous spinning gatling gun packing a total of six 1.4-watt blue lasers, and a less intense green laser used for targeting. Watch in awe and horror as a wall of 26 balloons gets wiped out by its intense blue glare. Read More >>

Drone In a Suitcase Kit Turns Anything Into a DIY Flying Menace

If you don't find yourself particularly enthralled with the small assortment of pre-assembled quadcopters already on the market, Jasper van Loenen's DIY—or Drone It Yourself—kit lets you turn almost anything into an unmanned aerial vehicle. Or at least anything light enough for its four rotors to lift. Read More >>

Ch4nge Your P4ssw0rd: Ubisoft Servers Hacked, Login Details Nicked

Gaming giant Ubisoft is at the centre of a new gaming hack attack, with the game maker telling players that "user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords" have been pulled from one of its servers. Read More >>


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