Watch a Mad Scientist Build and Ride a Heated Snowboard

It's easy to forget on the slopes, but your speed depends on the thin film of water created by your snowboard (or skis). So it follows that more heat below your feet would mean more speed, right? Signal Snowboards's Dave Lee just built a heated snow board to find out. Read More >>

Android Coders Claim "Back Door" Enables Remote Access to Samsung Galaxy Phones

The developer of the Replicant custom Android ROM claims to have uncovered what amounts to a classic "back door" computer hack within Samsung's Galaxy series of smartphones, suggesting that Samsung's modem tools have certain communication protocols in them that could allow outsiders to "access the phone's file system." Read More >>

A Super Mario Coin Doorbell Grants Infinite Annoyance

How do you spice up your home's doorbell without resorting to some over-obnoxious chime? If you happen to be programmer and Super Mario Bros. fan Joseph Thai, you hack the button outside your door to let visitors collect coins every time they push the button. Read More >>

Hack a 3D Printer Into a Surprisingly-Skilled Air Hockey Robot

Good news for anyone who dropped a small fortune on a 3D printer and found themselves bored of creating novelty keychains and meme-based figurines. Jose Julio successfully turned the parts needed to build a RepRap 3D printer into an air hockey-playing robot that looks pretty tough to beat. Read More >>

Great, Hackers Can Use Snapchat to DoS Attack Your Phone

When it comes to security, this hasn't been Snapchat's year. First hackers leaked a massive amount of private user data; then it was discovered how dumb easy it is to circumvent Snapchat's anti-robot feature. Now, cyber security researchers have shown that Snapchat can be used to launch a denial-of-service attack that freezes your smartphone, according to the L.A. Times. Read More >>

Coding Typo "Hacked" the NHS and Redirected Visitors to Malware Sites

The online advice services offered by the NHS are currently under siege, after a reader discovered that pages on the NHS Choices web portal were redirecting users to ad-serving and malware sites. But this was no hack, it was the discovery of a teeny tiny typo that allowed shady coders to hijack innocent hypochondriacs. Read More >>

A Hacker Found GPS Data in the Audio of This Police Chase Video

It's incredibly noisy in the cockpit of a helicopter, and you'd assume the sounds you hear in any YouTube police chase video were just the deafening whine of the chopper's engine. But as one hacker discovered, that monotonous drone can actually hide some useful data, like the helicopter's GPS coordinates. Read More >>

north korea
How One Group is Infiltrating North Korea With USB Drives and Balloons

North Korea is very famously closed off from the rest of the world, but one organisation, Fighters for a Free North Korea, is working to breach the walls of the regime by airdrop. But they're not using conventional means and fancy technology; they're delivering info via balloon, The Atlantic reports. Read More >>

This 8-Bit Harmonica Makes Blowing Into NES Carts Musical

Even if the original Nintendo Entertainment System was well before your time, you're probably still aware of a well-known issue that prevented games from working until you blew into the cartridges to clean off the contacts. Taking that idea one step further, YouTuber Basami Sentaku has turned a few old NES (or Famicom, to be exact) cartridges into electronic harmonicas that instead produce chiptune-like music when you blow into them. Read More >>

Vicar's Son Arrested Over "Back Door" US Government Hacks

A 28-year-old British man, who unfortunately has to live with the pornstar name Lauri Love, has been arrested under suspicion of inserting a classic "back door" access mechanism into several US government computer systems. Read More >>

UK Schoolboy Arrested for Pwning World in Massive Global Hack Campaign

A 16-year-old from the UK has been arrested for playing a part in one of the world's largest DDoS attacks, with the teen also suspected of having "significant sums" of money flowing through his bank account. Read More >>

Android Wins Unfortunate Malware Battle, Hosting 79 Per Cent of Attacks

A document prepared by the American Department of Homeland Security has heaped some shame upon Google's Android OS, blaming outdated versions of the software for giving it a huge 79 per cent share of the 2012 mobile malware market. Read More >>

watch this
How to Cut a Glass Bottle In Two Using Fire and Water

You might not be able to envision a time when you're lathe-less and need to cut a glass bottle in two, but when it does happen, you'll be quite happy you spent three minutes watching 'CrazyRussianHacker' do it with string, alcohol, fire, and water. And even if you don't ever cut your own glass, this hack is still incredibly fun to watch. Read More >>

Anonymous Hacking Collective Turns its Full Might on Mole Valley District Council

The web site belonging to Mole Valley District Council has been hacked, with site admins claiming Anonymous hackers are behind the assault. Pages on the Surrey council portal's site were defaced with references to David Miranda, the man held by UK immigration in one of the latest twists to the global spy scandal. Read More >>

Vibrating Trouser Checker Lets You Know When You're Unzipped

You might think you're being discrete when you check your trousers to ensure your flies are done up, but unless you're alone, it can look a little awkward. Instead of waiting for the embarrassment of just being told you need to zip up, check out this brilliant hack that makes it easy to subtly check the status of your fly. Read More >>


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